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  1. Parts For Sale
    Tragically, my Passat 4Motion GLX Wagon met its maker last week. I removed the Panzer Plate that I bought in February 2014. In memory and honor of the departed Passat, I am offering it here cheap. It is still in great shape, just some scrapes and road grime. I am including some fresh...
  2. Car Reviews & Videos
    Top 5 Best Family Sedans
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Would it be fair to say that German sedans in the size class of the VAG B5 & C5 cars (not sports cars or luxury models) tend to be more durable than their American or Japanese competition? I'm not excluding the fact that they may require more maintenance.
  4. Anything Auto
    Let me say this: this whole shebang started with the search for a CPO Z4. During this time, I then found a 745Li, in the color combination and option packages that i would like to have. Now, my mind has wandered outward a bit more into toher big Euro sedans. Yes, the maintenance is...
  5. The Showroom
    Anybody got some pics of some B5.5 Sedans with textured rub strips? I was thinking of Textured Euro rubs with my RS4's powder coated black on Blue Anthracite.
  6. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2003 Passat GLX. I am guessing the VR6 is the newer version of the GLX. I am looking for Navigation as an option. What are you guys paying Out The Door (no taxes as that varies). I am just curious what range is the right negoitating point. Thanks, Rich
  7. Anything Auto
    The polished aluminum reminds me of this: so is this a :thumbup: or a :thumbdown
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Looking at a few different combos, wondered if you guys can show me side views so I can see how the car sits with these combos, and if you could give a short review of how the car performs that'd be nice too. I'll be running 17x7 Audi Avus wheels for the snow and possibly the 18' Audi wheels...
  9. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Greetings! I'm hoping this turns into a non-56K friendly thread :biglaugh: (j/k). I'd like to see pictures of some silver Passats out there with different types of wheels (and what suspension set-up you have as well). If any silver Variants want to chime in, feel free too! I just purchased an 00...
  10. The Showroom
    Looking for Pictures of the Eibach Pro System (Springs and shocks) on a B5.5. Best case senario would show me a V6 Manual Tranny so that I can see how much rake there is with this lighter transmission. Would love to see lots of pictures of different cars - Partly because I want all the info I...
  11. The Showroom
    Everyone out there with Northern Green B5.5's, please post pics!!! Thanks!
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion KYBs are still on my mind. I contacted KYB a while back asking if they produced a shocks for my wagon. They said no. In the above thread, however, it is mentioned that the big names in shocks offer complete transferrability between the...
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, I have seen pics of B5.5 variants with Audi A8 replica wheels on. Does any one have any pics of B5.5 sedans with 18" or 19" Audi A8 replica wheels on them? Thanks, Nick
  14. Wheel and Tire Forum
    ok i have looked and i cant really find that many pics of white passats with 18's i was just wondering if any one could piost some pics of some to help get my ideas going also some 17's might be good if you have em thanks Dee
  15. Anything Auto
    Who other then BMW and Benz makes a 4 door Sedan thats RWD? I know there are a few american cars but who wants a american car? and there are a few jap cars like IS300 and G35 but what other ones? Also Why does every one make FWD cars now? Whats so grate about them?
  16. Anything Auto
    VW Passat GL comes in second after Mazda 6i.
  17. Anything Auto
1-17 of 20 Results