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  1. Hey Sciteach...

    The Black Hole
    You gonna see this type of pay increase by you?
  2. Direct Question for Sciteach

    The Black Hole
    Question: Did Clinton INCREASE or DECREASE *OVERALL* spending of "social" programs?
  3. Sciteach's secret identity revealed...

    The Black Hole
    We have an A-list celebrity (Sciteach) on this board, but I will not yet reveal his secret identity. He is probably too humble to brag about this himself, but he slipped up a little, and frankly, I was surprised. Hints can be found in other Black Hole threads, which is why I am posting this...
  4. Sciteach's car restoratio project

    Anything Auto
    Sciteach's car restoration project Let's start this thread with a little guessing game. I am about to start a restoration project. I will be picking the car up in the morning from my brother. I'll give you some clues, you try to guess the car. Body Style: 2 door roadster Year: 1979...
  5. Q: Has Sciteach ever agreed with anyone before?

    The Black Hole
    This is an honest question. If so, do you have a examples?
  6. Why does Sciteach hate women?

    The Black Hole
    Why do Democrats hate women? I guess he is referring to Obama supporters! :lol:
  7. Sciteach is now a mod?

    The Black Hole
    More likely a joke from one of the mod. Let's see how long they'll let this play out. Sciteach - now that you're a mod, your head needs to swell a bit bigger & start to exercise that power and ban someone. :lol:
  8. Sciteach Insults The Greek

    The Black Hole
    Allright, Sciteach, explain yourself. You can "take it?" Then you call the person who gave you this Forum "classless?" :thumbdown :thumbdown
  9. Sciteach is banned? What's the scoop?

    The Black Hole
    I noticed Rusty & Sciteach were having a few personal spats as late. Is this a perm ban or a temp ban? What give? Enquiring mind wants to know.
  10. Sciteach question

    The Black Hole
    Ok just seeing what our resident conservative's opinion is on this. Please keep all responses simple. Sciteach: in your abortion debates you have made it clear that you make an exception for rape/violence type cases. The following question is ONLY about rape/violence cases. Should Plan B be...