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  1. Satellite radio problems in 2014 Passat

    Mobile Electronics
    My local VW dealer says two issues I'm having with the Sirius radio in my 2014 Passat aren't common, so I wanted to see if others have experienced either of these problems: 1. When using the steering wheel controls to change preset stations, if I go from a channel on one screen to a channel on...
  2. Android head unit with xm sirius satellite radio?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello I m new to the forum. I have a 2015 vw passat tdi se I dont like the stock radio. I have been looking at the android units. I notice none of them have satellite radio? what has everyone been doing? I know you can use the web for music for free but where i dri ve at times there is no...
  3. Satellite Radio for B5.5

    Mobile Electronics
    Having had a couple rental cars with SiriusXm, I'm hooked. What's the best way to add it to a B5 Passat with the OEM double din head unit? My options seem to be - aftermarket head unit, retrofit a newer VW unit with satellite radio built in, or get one of the units SiriusXm and other retailers...
  4. 2012 Passat RNS510 losing nav satellite reception

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2012 Passat with RNS510 nav radio and it just started losing Sat Nav reception. I will Start it up and it will have say 5-7 satellites out 10 and slowly the number will drop to 0 and sometimes the nav will show me offroad and in fields sometimes in another city. Anyone have issues with...
  5. Sirius Satellite Part Numbers

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I have a 2006 Passat 2.0T Here is the info that I have found: Satellite receiver module for this car (North American parts only): 8E0 035 593/8E0 057 593 Sirius without RNS-E and without tire pressure monitoring system 8E0 035 593 A/8E0 057 593 A XM without RNS-E and without tire pressure...
  6. New B6 Owner - XM Satellite Receiver Question

    Mobile Electronics
    I am new to the B6, just traded a B5.5 TDI for it. The B6 has Sirius built in. I found the satellite adapter (8E0-035-593H) and want to replace it with the XM version which I think is either 8E0-035-593E or 8E0-057-593E. One confusion factor is the existing antenna is a shark fin with a single...
  7. Satellite Antenna Removal and Dissection.

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I noticed a leak this morning after it had rain a little more than usual. I had heard about plenty of problems others have had with the sunroof leaking but this was in the trunk area and was coming from the dome light. Knowing that there are at least a couple places it could be coming from I...
  8. Satellite Radio Help Needed

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I picked up a 2008 Komfort Wagon today and the owners manual for the audio system is missing. I am trying to actvate the satellite radio but when I called Sirius we could not figure out how to identify the radio by number. Sirius could not look it up using the VIN number either. If any one out...
  9. WTB: OEM XM Satellite Tuner for MFD2 ("E" or later suffix)

    WTB/WTT Section
    Found one. As the title states, looking for a OEM XM satellite tuner in good condition. Doesn't matter if the three month subscription has been used or not. The unit has to be compatible with the factory MFD2 navigation system and TPMS and needs to have both the brown and green plug...
  10. FS: XM Satellite Radios.

    Parts For Sale
    Used XM XPress with remote, custom Passat dash mount, and hard-wire kit:$40.00
  11. FS: OEM Premium 7 6 Disc MP3 changer + XM Satellite Receiver - $150 shipped

    Classified Archive
    FS: OEM Premium 7 6 Disc MP3 changer + XM Satellite Receiver - $100 shipped Removed both from my 2006 Passat as I upgraded to an RNS-510. Everything works perfectly. The security code for the head unit is included. I'm asking for $100 for both shipped to anywhere in the Continental US. Reply...
  12. VW rearview mirror w/ built-in navigation, audio, satellite radio, back-up camera

    Classified Archive
    VW rearview mirror w/ built-in screen 4 nav, audio, satellite radio, back-up camera EXTREME STEALTH! One of a kind custom. This is an LCD screen that is built into the rear view mirror and can display any input - navigation, sound system, rear-view camera, dvd movies, video games, etc. - via...
  13. Sirius Satellite radio package fits 98-07

    Classified Archive
    For sale, Sirius Satellite radio package: 1) Kenwood Sirius tuner, as new with brackets, box, and brand new Sirius antenna never installed. The small plastic fakra housing on the tuner has been removed to allow connection to any sirius antenna (rather than Kenwood only). Works perfectly. 2)...
  14. F.S. Sirius Satellite Radio

    Classified Archive
    mods please delete
  15. Satellite Module question

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok, so couple of questions about retrofitting a Sirius module into my VE 2006 Passat. Bought a Premium 7 HU and successfully swapped radios. Q #1 Where in the world is the module supposed to live? Pictures helpful I'm trying to figure out if the car is wired for it. The reason I suspect it...
  16. Understanding someone's Satellite radio install

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 01.5 passat with monsoon. Its got the single din radio with the second unit cd player. Someone installed an aftermarket satellite radio in the car via an fm transmitter that works when ive got xm on and the radio to 88.7fm. Ive taken the whole thing apart in an attempt to understand...
  17. Upgrade to Satellite Radio

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok, I have a 2006 2.0T with the base radio without satellite radio. I want to upgrade to satellite radio, but keep it looking as stock as possible. I am leary about turning over my car to someplace like Best Buy to install a so called "plug and play" XM radio that requires wiring to the radio...
  18. Satellite Radio Suggestions

    Mobile Electronics
    OK folks. I've got a 2002 B5.5 with Phatnoise. Lately, I've just been too short of time to update my mp3 collection, download new music to phatnoise, and create/manage playlists, etc. So, I'm considering getting satellite radio for my daily commute (1 hour each way). Because the radio...
  19. HELP Satellite radio

    Mobile Electronics
    XM or Sirius, which one is better or is it a difference?:confused:
  20. FS: Alpine Sirius satellite radio with subscription remaining

    Classified Archive
    Model # SIR ALP1 plug and play. Has time remaining on subscription, not sure how much. Came with a radio I purchased online but don't use it. Works great. $80 shipped in US. Details: Works with 2004 or newer Alpine satellite radio-compatible stereo in your dash. SIRIUS created the SIR-ALP1...