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  1. Drunker than Satan

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    A true American anthem :bowdown:
  2. Satan's Passat (LONG)

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    I decided to post a little on the “black satanism” as my car is soo commonly referred to by the indy I deal with. Every time it is there something bad happens to the workers or the car. Let me start by saying I bought my car in Oct. just 3 days before hurricane Rita hit. She is a 1999 Passat...
  3. Who else works for Satan besides me?

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    yup I'm at work today and we dont even get out early today. This sucks royal jelly.
  4. America vs. Satan! Let the war begin$$$$$$$

    Off-Topic Forum No cost is too great to confront the evil one!
  5. Got Satan?

    Off-Topic Forum I think they should change the name to Devils Lake Taliban fighters.