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  1. Salt Lick Silly Noob

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings! Laughing at myself, for not "finding" this sooner! Though I only bought my car last Thursday. I started my VW journey in 1972 with a 1965 Bug. My Dad and I over hauled that with the loving support of the classic Muir book: How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive ... Since then I moved...
  2. How to prevent welds from rusting (from harsh winter salt)???

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well... I believe I've finally made the last repairs to a 3 year continuing problem with exhaust leaks. It's a long story, but NEVER GET AN AFTERMARKET CAT-BACK V6 EXHAUST THAT IS NOT STAINLESS STEEL. I learned the very hard way and have been sinking money into it ever since. Anyway... My...
  3. AXLE BOLT STRESS PLEASE HELP(New England Salt Kills Me)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Got my axle in from Marty:thumbup:......So Im getting set up for the job.....I start to loosen the lugs, pop the center cap off to loosen the axle bolt and I almost Puked........:puke:......... It was like a a rusted ear of cauliflower :banghead:.....So I figure oh well I will wire brush it or...
  4. Never buy a CPO from Strong VW Salt Lake City

    Dealerships and Service
    I got screwed!!! In Sept 2008 I purchased a CPO 2004 VW Passat from Strong VW. When buying the car they had shown me a clean CARFAX. I made the purchase since the car I had chosen had all the features I wanted. After 3 weeks of ownership I noticed the front passenger doors clear coat was...
  5. Utah / Salt Lake City

    USA - Central
    Any members / users in the northern half of Utah. Seems like we are not very well represented here at PassatWorld. Would love to exchange ideas and get to know some of you, pick your brains about a good INDY shop, and perhaps even have some GTG's (when we're not in Church of course).
  6. Thirty20 motoring Salt Lake City GTG

    The Showroom
    Im the only passat in our Audi/VW crew right now but here is the video from our gtg a few weeks ago. keep a watch out for my colorado red jam. its in the very 1st shot and then a few other times through the video.
  7. Salt corrosion prevention? Recommendations?

    B5 Garage
    I'm relatively new to the cold. Just wondering if there is anything I can really do to prevent corrosion from road salt?
  8. uh boy, now I've done it... salt and pepper in my driveway, am I crazy?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just picked up a 99 Passat GLX. it needs tons of work done to it and I paid accordingly, but PHEW! looks like I have a good project car for the daughter's first car. from the ad: 1999 VW Passat GLX Tiptronic V6 202K miles Pearl White with black leather interior Power heated leather...
  9. Clyde Keene - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    I hooked up on a site that hosts pics so I thought I'd finally post some up of the babymobile. I've put some pics on a couple of other threads. I've done a bunch of mods thanks to the group buy forum. It's too easy to spend money when I'm in there. Same goes for the other two money hungry...
  10. Me by a hill o' salt.

    The Showroom
    I took some pics before I put on my W8 rails and HIDs. I'm gonna go back and try some more pics later.
  11. Salt removal

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    How do i get the salt marks or my carpet? As we all know they put like 10 tons of salt down. I do my best to keep my shoes clean and feet on the floor mats but i have white salt stains on my drivers side floor. can i use a wet brush to clean it out or will that cause damage cause something might...
  12. I think salt spreaders are morons.

    The Black Hole
    I think salt spreaders are not cool... I'm sick of seeing people and city municipalities substitute salt spreading for a little effort with a shovel. I see literally tons of salt being introduced into our local eco-system every winter. The river running through town is dead in great part from...
  13. Best way to remove salt stains?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The topic says it do you get the white salt residue (and keep it from leaching back) out of the black carpet that has spilled off of my Monster Mats?
  14. Kimball High -Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    Hey :b5: I bought my 1998 Nebio Blue 1.8T 5sp in May 04 and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Here's the story of how it came to be. I'm a dub man for life having owned a very forgettable 85 Golf as my first car in 01. I named that one after my little sister b/c it was the only thing on...
  15. T.J. Nelson - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    PICTURES: MODS: (updated 02.09.2005) Interior: - MosterMats - Sony CDX-F7000 HeadUnit w/ AUX IN for iPod - Toureg Torchlight Exterior: - 1.8T badge - Stubby Antennea - Customized Europlate and holder from Lighting: - Lows: H7 Sylvania SilverStars -...
  16. Salt Lake City, Utah TUNING shops???

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just wondering if there were any clubb5ers in the Salt Lake City area that could recommend a good tuning shop or where do you take your B5's and B5.5's??? I remember sifting through a TON of posts yesterday and came across a veteran here that had a B5 sedan, maroon color (sorry, embarassed I...
  17. White salt splash in engine bay - remedy?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So this winter in NY has been a fairly rough winter with lots of snow and mixed precip (sound like a weather person). Anyway, all that highway driving with all the salt and stuff and some of it has made it past the grill and into the front of the engine, there's some white stuff on the cover...
  18. How to remove White Salt crust inside

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok I know some of you guys down south well laugh but this is problem. :lol: I have the VW Monster Mats and they work great but where it meets up with the black carpet there is a line of white salt crust around the mat. How can I clean that? Steam cleaner would probably do but I don't have...
  19. Gregg - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    Just acquired my Fresco Green 2003 W8 4Motion Passat Wagon (270hp) automatic Tiptronic with optional Sports Package (stiffer suspension & 17" wheels, 225/45R17 tires,etc) What a car this is! I am a retired Navy carrier pilot and the acceleration is "almost" akin to a catapult shot! In my new car...
  20. Michael Bunds - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    2003 Silver 1.8t 5-speed Variant :D Here is a photo of my new ride. Its a 2003 GL. I have made the following mechanical modifications to it: "1be" springs from Liberty VW Bilstein Sport shocks from ECStuning (grooved fronts - a must!) Neuspeed 28mm rear anti-sway bar. Ronal R38 17x8"...