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    Hello all, Just checking in, I have searched and found very little info on the B&G s2k sport kit w/ shocks and lowering springs. Just curious if anyone has experience w/ this setup. I have found info on exterior site that p/n 96.3.173 will fit my 2003 glx wagon. I am curious if anyone else has...
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    Couple of s2k antennae. I have a few of these for sale. Some straight and smooth, some spiral style from the honda civic. All brand new. $15 shipped in the USA. PM with your style preference. Thanks for looking. Pics off my B5.5:
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Anyone here have this suspension setup on their car? How is the ride quality? I'm thinking about buying this kit but I want to know if they are any good? THanks, DAVE B&G S2K Suspension Kit - 96.3.169 Lowers - Front: 1.6in / Rear: 1.6in...
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    MOD: if i cant post here please delete... im force to sell it due to no garage space anymore.. i pick up the car recently also just installed the following.. new tein CS / clutch HDSS w/carbon kevler disc / new tune up.. price $ 17000 neg. milage 63,xxx im in NY Queens.
  5. Anything Auto
    I just sold my Honda s2000 for a M3... one word.. woah... but I still have my '99 Passat AEB
  6. Classified Archive
    First $30 can have it both. Can not ship. Northern Virginia area. [email protected]
  7. Anything Auto
    Need quicktime to view, right click and save as. Couldn't get her to throw out too far. This car is very prone to spinning. So I worked with what I could get out of her.
  8. Mobile Electronics
    I've got my stock system and my FM reception stinks with the S2K antennae and I have ZERO AM reception. Can anybody suggest anything to get good reception? I'd like to keep my stock non-monsoon deck. Thanks.
  9. Anything Auto
    Here are 16 shots of her, I am a little obsesive. I bought her with 9800 miles on her Tuesday and I already have 11,XXX miles :lol: HOWEVER, most of that came from the 10hr drive back from Va where I bought her. Anyways, here is the new ride in HD.