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  1. Porsche Canada Boss Says Flat-4 Just a Rumor, But He Hopes Not

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    What does everyone think? Should Porsche build a flat-4? Porsche Canada Boss Says Flat-4 Just a Rumor, But Hopes its Not | News
  2. Rumor has it...

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    ...that one of our long-standing members has found a very rare bird of a B5.5. ...and I hear it is a 1.8T 5 speed manual 4mo waggie! :icon_eek:
  3. Rumor: Ford Reviving Mustang SVO

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  4. Polo GTI (1.8t) international debut, rumor of US intro

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    Imagine that little thing with a chipped 1.8t
  5. diesel cars not for sale in massachusetts. rumor?

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    i heard that after next year, new diesel vehicles under 10000gvwr will no longer be legal for sale in massachusetts due to emmision testing problems or something. i'll never get to have a tdi??
  6. Vicious Rumor!

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    This tip just in from ma homies... A certain silver B5.5 of the month was turned away at the Fast and Furious II auditions for "not having enough stickers" but comments were overheard that "damn, that car would crush these other p's of ess!"