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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have had the cable (off Ebay) and the free 'lite' version for some time and just now paid the $99 to register it. I got the email confirmation with the order # that says "Electronic Delivery via E-Mail" I just tried plugging in my car but don't notice any new things I can do. How long does...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hello Passat World. I joined the Forum about a decade ago, haven't been around much lately. I had a 2001 B5 wagon, later passed to my son we retired about a year ago just shy of 200,000 miles. (Now Volkswagonless after 66 bus, 68 Karmen Ghia, 70 squareback, 80 Rabbit Diesel, 84 Jetta, 2001...
  3. Parts For Sale
    I'm wrapping up selling my Passat and its remaining aftermarket parts. I'll add pictures at some point or send them to interested buyers. GTRS Eliminator turbo kit $1300 plus shipping: Has about 10-15k miles on it, great shape minus having some oil on it from a VC leak. Will sell with my ECU...
  4. Parts For Sale
    It is a genuine Ross tech cable. I literally just opened it last night, and today my car took a shit on me. I am looking for $350, or feel free to make an offer.
  5. Vehicles For Sale
    1999 Passat 2.8 V6. It runs but has a bad throttle body. Air works, tranny good, body in good shape, ats in bad shape, leather seats (driver seat bad).I am asking $900.00 for it.
  6. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I got my cable off E-Bay and am having issues installing the free lite version on my laptop This is what I got VAG-COM VCDS Cable USB Scanner Tool OBD 2 FTDI KKL 409.1 VW Audi Ross Tech BMW We have followed the directions that came with the cable (no disk) and on the Ross-Tech site but I...
  7. Parts For Sale
    Moved on from my Passat a while back and forgot I had this until I just found it. Older dongle, so it only works up to around 2003ish I believe, you can check here for cars it won't work with: Ross-Tech: VAG-COM: CAN-Bus Information Works with B5s, and should work with 5.5s, as well as MkIVs...
  8. Misc for Sale
    WTB. Ross-Tech Micro-can Anyone have a genuine Ross-Tech Cable micro-can bus for sale?Needed for a 07 Jetta and 09 CCMany thanks.
  9. Misc for Sale
    The Vagcom is sold the service manual is still available... All right my wife just totaled my 4-motion Passat. I have a Ross-Tech Hex-USB+CAN dongle. This will give you unlimited access to cars 1995 to present (I believe) and act as a dongle for the full VCDS software. I guess you probably...
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I found this looking for parts cars. Pretty good deal for anyone in the NY-NJ-CT-PA area: Volkswagen-Audi Ross-Tech MicroCAN Interface Cable
  11. Parts For Sale
    This is the Hex-USB cable (same as the current KII-USB, NOT +CAN). Will work with VW 95-05 and Audi 95-03 or so. This is the Dongle version so it unlocks the full version of VCDS which can be downloaded from RossTech. Works fine for me with my Windows 7 laptop.
  12. Parts For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD This is a *USED* GENUINE cable and will work with all future Rosstech software versions. Here is all you need to do to use this cable: 1) Download FREE software here: Ross-Tech: VCDS: Downloads: Current Release and Manual 2) Install software on laptop or PC (that meets the...
  13. Parts For Sale
    For Sale: Ross-Tech Micro-CAN cable. In perfect working order. I sold my B6 Passat so I no longer need it and I wanted to give Passatworld the first shot before I eBay it. $200 shipped, some wiggle room possible, Paypal preferred. Local pick up/delivery possible in the New Orleans metro...
  14. Parts For Sale
    SOLD! Full licensed version of VCDS for your B5/5.5! Works perfectly with B5/5.5 Passat. $250 new plus (signature required) shipping from Ross-Tech, save over $100 and get it from me shipped to USPS address for $150. Would keep it but I need the HEX-USB+CAN to talk to my B7 S4. Post, PM or...
  15. Parts For Sale
    Cable only. Excellent working order. Asking $235-shipped or local pickup in the San Jose area. Cash or PayPal.
  16. WTB/WTT Section
    Hello, I am looking for a Ross-tech Cable for my 03 VW Passat. If possibly, I might be interested in a the newer style that works on my car years along with newer years. Let me know if anyone has one as my purchase fell through and I am on the lookout for another one. :wrench: Brandon
  17. Parts For Sale
    Up for sale is my Ross-Tech KEY-USB cable. This is the same cable as the newer KII-USB as far as models that it supports and is a legit Ross Tech cable that allows for full use of their software. The cable acts as a dongle, and does not require software activation like older cables. Simply...
  18. Parts For Sale
    I've got a KII-USB cable that i bought for my old 2004 B5 Passat. It's this cable: We updated to an '08, so i don't have a use for this cable anymore, as I need to get a Hex-USB+CAN cable. This KII-USB is one of the newer ones, with the dongle that...
  19. Parts For Sale
    Selling my vag com cable I had for my 2000 passat. Worked great, just sold the car so have no need for it anymore. $185 shipped
  20. Parts For Sale
    My Passat is gone so no need for these very handy maintenance tools. Bentley Manual for 1998-2002 Passat $100 shipped. These prices include shipping to the Continental 48 only. Purchased both of these items approx 1 year ago on PW-just trying to recoup my investment but I am open to offers...
1-20 of 52 Results