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    I'm looking to buy a single Rondo wheel. It doesn't have to be in perfect condition, but it should be unbent and uncurbed. A Rondo wheel looks like this:
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    hey guys looking to see if anyone has the measurment for the center caps of the OEM 15" Rondo wheel...or even a part #.....cant get to the car to measure right now.....thx:thumbup:
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    Hello 5x112 car drivers! I am hoping that you can check your attics, the corners of your garage, underneath your barbecue grills and underneath the back deck of your Aunt Ednas' house because I am searching for a full set of either of the aforementioned wheels. No really. I realize that it...
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    Hi, I bought some new rims a couple of weeks ago and have my old 15" VW Rondo rims sitting in my garage not being used. They are the 5x112 lug bolt for 1998-2005 VW Passat and they also fit the Audi A4's. I would like these out of my garage and on someone's B5 or B5.5! I had them on the car...
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    ...each at in the accessories catalog. Just thought I would share since I saw it while looking around on their site.
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    The title is my question. Does anyone know??? I'm thinking about getting 16"s for snowtires and was wondering about this wheel. It would HAVE to get the VW centercaps if I did go with it. TIA.
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    I ordered a set of them and was wondering what you guys thought of them on my car. I like them a lot because now I have steel wheels and this would be a very nice upgrade for the price. :D
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    Hey guys gerneral announcement if you are looking for an awesome wheel deal. Here it is VW is doing some house cleaning right now you can get a full set of brand new OEM Rims for $150 plus shipping. They are only for the following wheels. And it is while supplies last. Rondo 15 x 7 Boogie...
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    I may be getting my hands on a set of 18x8" rims from someone here shorty, and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in buying my 15's from me once I get the 18's installed. I have tires, but are worn on the inside due to improper alignment after my spring install(crappy local dealer)...