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    FS: b5 v6 Goodies. autospeed motor mounts, 034 trannymounts, rocketchip 2.8, 5spd mt I have three items for sale right now. First: Autospeed CNC Engine Mounts Their price is $349 for a pair I'm looking for 250 obo for both. They are the race 95a durameter mount Second: 034 Motorsport...
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  3. Wheel and Tire Forum has em listed for a decent price, and I love the look of em, but was hoping I could find pics of them on a car, their weight, any other info but it seems hopeless... even doesn't have info on them :banghead:
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    Tuned Maddness: 2005 Mercedes-Benz Brabus CLS V12 S The world's fastest four-door coupe comes from Brabus and celebrates its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2005 in Frankfurt/Main. This automobile, built in small-series production based on the Mercedes CLS model series, is...
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    Probably the last photos you'll see of the car (a) in this color, and (b) with that body style...cuz I'm goin' bodykit, y0! Plus, I'm too lazy to wash and wax for another photoshoot. Turbo probably goes in next month and I'll paint next spring. Look for evacboy in the last picture. :)...
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    I'm sorry. That shouldn't have been a question. It will be. :-P Here's a good article outlining what it includes: And factory developed supercharger. Hmm. Should make a fun daily driver. :)
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    Here's the deal: currently I'm broke, so this is not happening anytime soon (probably a year off) - plus I plan to pay off my current ride before buying something new and taking on more debt. This happens November of 2004. And I'm already shopping - what a dork. Anyway, here are my...
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    :lol: More pics here. Classic! :D Andy