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    This is often the time of year when a leaky heater core is first noticed. Coolant dripping from under the dash, steamy vapors drifting out of interior vents and slimy film on the windows are some of the signs. is ready to help with new heater cores by ACDelco, APDI/PRO, Four...
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    Has it been over a year since you last replaced the wiper blades on your daily driver? Do you notice smearing and streaking on your windshield? Are the wiper blades on your fun summer vehicle dried out and ready to crumble? If so, now is the perfect time to inspect and replace your worn out...
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    Rebates from KYB, Monroe, Rancho, and Gabriel (Buy 3, Get 1 FREE!), coupled with RockAuto’s reliably low prices, make this a great time to get four fresh Struts and/or Shocks for your car or truck! Upgrading brake performance and appearance with a Power Stop 1-Click Brake Pad/Rotor Kit is...
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    Car restorers know answers to the question,"How long does it take to replace an instrument panel light bulb?" range from "five minutes" to "I started taking apart the instrument panel two months ago, and I still haven't found that %[email protected]# bulb!" Hard to reach bulbs and any other bulbs that you only...
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    "Our fun old vehicles have spark plug wires that go bad over time, but our new daily drivers have no spark plug wires and their ignition systems are maintenance free." True or False? "Half-True" is the right answer! Most newer engines do not have spark plug wires, but they do have Spark Plug...
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    5% Discount Code: 1063734193FBAB Expires: December 21, 2017 Please enter this code in the ‘How Did You Hear about Us’ box to receive the discount. Please enter ONLY the discount code, no other words or numbers. Please note that orders using discount codes must be placed online and the discount...

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    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    First order- found a bumper insert (tow eye cover 3b0 853 678 b b41) for 2001 B5. Bottom line cost (w/shipping- expensive) was 1/3 the dealer who didn't have it in stock. Got in a day and it fits fine. Have to be careful, though- to add 2 oil filters created a second shipping charge of $13!!!