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  1. Holy crap, is Robert Gibbs awful!

    The Black Hole
    Holy crap! Robert Gibbs is awful! Listening to the first White House briefing. How did Robert Gibbs get the position of Press Secretary?! Either he doesn't know what he's talking about or there isn't a real plan, especially as it pertains to Gitmo. Either way, if this administration has any...
  2. GM's payola to Robert Reich; and your 'Vette is now a convertible!

    Anything Auto
  3. Your opinion of Robert Bork

    The Black Hole
    While a line could be drawn between John Roberts' nomination to the bench and Bork's scrubbed nomination, this question and/or conversation has nothing to do with anything other than my reading of one of Bork's book, "The Tempting of America." Question: What is your general, overall opinion of...
  4. Fun Robert Novak Video Clip

    The Black Hole
    What a classy fellow.... Click the pic to watch the funny show. Ya, its from Media Matters...I'd have posted were it from the MRC, too.
  5. Robert - Lawrence, KS

    USA - Central
    Finally, pictures of Eleanor
  6. Robert Grant Oravec Schaumburg

    USA - Central
    is anything happining around here soon? i need to find a couple of people to cruse with that own b5s i hope to be done renavating by next spring. ill post pictures soon. if you wanta cruse around just post
  7. Robert Barbrow - Centreville Va.

    USA - East
    Blue 2000 V6 gls with leather package i also own a 97 jetta gt 2.0 thats "a work in progress" i was wondering if anyone near me would like to team up and do maintance ive done spark plugs and oil but i wanted to learn how to do break pads and coolant flush's as well as a few mods ive...
  8. Robert K - Montreal, QC

    Hi, I read CLUBB5 for a while now and I decided to join it. Thanks Robert
  9. Robert Tang - Coquitlam, BC

    Presenting Stargazer! Stats 1999 Passat 30V V6 GLX Passat photos were taken during our last cruise to Winthrop, Washington! For information regarding the Passat, please link to this page for all mods and detailed installation photos and instructions: And here are...
  10. Robert P. - Ventnor, NJ

    USA - East
    MODEL 2001.5 1.8 T Triptronic EXTERIOR Votex Front Spoiler Votex Side Skirts Votex Rear Valence with Votex Rear Diffuser Zender Lip Spoiler ABD Front Grille Kamei Eyelids Wetworks Rear Window Spoiler 35% Tint Aluminium Short Antenna SUSPENSION 18x8.5 Oettinger Wheels Nitto 555 INTERIOR...
  11. Robert Schafnitz - Tustin, CA

    USA - West
    Robert Schafnitz - Tustin, Ca Hello Everyone, I am new here and thought I would say hello. Here are some pics of my car that I took around Christmas, I will be putting more up to date ones in the next week or so, hope you enjoy. Robert Quick Question, can anyone tell me how to upload...
  12. Robert Prajzner - Ventnor, NJ

    USA - East