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  1. Complete XM Roady XT setup for Passat with hardwire kit and dash Mount $50 shipped

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    Complete XM Roady XT setup with PIE hardwire kit and dash mount. THe PIE kit allows you to hardwire the Roady to the back of your stock head unit. It will then give you true digital sound and will power up and down with your car. The Vehicle Specific dash mount mounts with the two screws that...
  2. Roady 2 receiver CHEAP*XM sat radio*

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    I have the power cable... antenna.. dElphi...xm sat. I am not GUARANTEEING that you wont need ANYTHING. but this is what I am selling. 25.00 SHIPPED. paypal to [email protected] Unit is brand new pretty much . Good deal. can you tell i am clearing out my garage:D?
  3. XM Roady radio

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    Im selling a very nice XM Roady radio....still has right at 3 months of service on it too!!! had this think in my car but i dont really listen to it enough now. I will let this thing for for $60 shipped....i paid over 125 dollars for this radio new and it also comes with all kinds of goodys...
  4. My Delphi Roady XT Install - XM

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    My wife got me a Roady XT for my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got around to installing it this weekend. I looked at what other folks on here had done and I wasn't completely happy with their solutions so I went my own way. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I didn't do anything...
  5. Roady XT install into the ashtray

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    Since the mounting bracket that comes with it is very limited, I had to make a little stand for it. There's only one real position that worked and allowed me to close the ashtray door but still have the radio slide easily into the base. It took a lot of guess and check to get the stands angle...
  6. Roady XT install

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    Got the wife's XT installed - It is hooked up to the CD changer harness via a USA Spec interface ($50, Circuit City) with the attenae on the trunk lid. The wires were run under the center console and exit out a hole in the front cup holder. Sound and reception are bertter than expected. I...
  7. Delphi Roady XT

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    Bought my wife a Roady XT for x-mas - any pictures out there of a good clean install? I bought the car kit to hard wire the power and antenna so I won't be using the cassette adapter or the FM modulater. I thoght it would fit nicely in the ash tray compartment but that looks to be quite a bit of...
  8. FS: XM Roady $30 shipped

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    FS: XM Roady $25 shipped Hey guys/girls, I am selling my used but in perfect condition and perfectly working XM Roady for use with your stock cassette playing radio for any vehicle. The benefit is that if you are leasing, plan on selling your car or like the look of the stock radio, you can...
  9. Delphi XM Roady is a Perfect Match for the Passat

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    Not only is the "night blue" display on the Delphi XM Roady all-in-one satellite radio system a perfect match for the Volkswagen blue dashboard lights, the mounting bracket is a good fit in Passats with the cubby hole in the center dash area. Installation took 30 minutes. At $119.99, it's a...