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  1. My B5 is back on the road after a few upgrades and maintance...

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    The old girl is finally back on the road and ready to roll once again. To make a long story short, i did not have my car for over 2 years and when i got it back, many things needed to be addressed because of that and a few things that mileage and time added. List of things done in the last 6...
  2. End of the road

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, the YLwagon has done its duty as far as I am concerned, after us owning it since 1998. What started as a water pump change, progressed to include the timing belt service, new spark plugs, VC gaskets, and so forth. AndreasPassat helped me get the thing into service position, and also...
  3. Passat died While driving on the road :(

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well unfortunate situation here, I was driving on a local road about 40 mph when all of a sudden my VW Passat 1.8t 2003 died, without any warning, no engine light, no sign of an issue at all. It sputtered just a little before becoming unresponsive. I had to get the car towed back to the house. I...
  4. Looking For 2015 Passat Road Warrior Experts!

    New Member Introductions
    I am looking to connect with other 2015 Passat owners that travel. Thanks
  5. Road to 200k

    New Member Introductions
    Long-time reader, first time poster. Currently have 172k miles on my 04 passat GLS 1.8. Looking to get it to 200k. I currently believe I have issues with the PCV valve due to exhaust smell in my cabin (not when I'm driving at highway speeds, but when I'm idling at, say, a red light). So...
  6. Fork in the road

    New Member Introductions
    I've owned a: Silver B5, Blue/gray CC and a blue/gray B6. I loved my first VW (silver b5) and it was painful to sell my CC (needed money). So, I'll be searching here for solutions. My B6 has 96k miles and I still need it to run well. Fingers-crossed I can find some affordable fixes (hard...
  7. Haven't been on in a bit.. A few road trip pics..

    Anything Auto
    From June. A close friend got married. She didn't want to have her 70-something dad fly out here so she decided she wanted to do the wedding in Newport Beach. We wanted to something big this year since I was turning 50 and my other half, 40. We decided to make it a road trip. "Oh you guys are...
  8. 2015 Passat ac stops blowing air while on long road trip

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Hello everybody, this is my first post so I hope I have this in the right place. We have a 2015 Passat Wolfsburg edition and we live in Las Vegas, so crazy hot summer temps. Last summer, the ac started blowing warmer and it would take a while for the ac to start cooling. I took it to an ac shop...
  9. End of the road

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Someone ran a light and I t-boned the other car with my W8. Uggh, I hate to see the car go but it's finished. To much to repair even though it doesn't look bad. Question is I know there are a lot of good parts on this car. Engine ran like a top and everything worked with the exception of a...
  10. Hello & hittin' the road!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi volks! New to the Passat community, I'm the proud new owner of an '04 B5.5 V6 4Motion wagon. It's been great so far reading the posts and learning as much as I can. Love the car. The ride, and handling are great, , and I'm chomping at the bit for this road trip. :driving: I'm hitting the...
  11. The Road to Self-Driving Cars

    Anything Auto
    So self-driving cars (SDC) are obviously inevitable. The only questions really, are when will they become the norm and how and when will most everyone be "forced" to use them? My best guess today is that the SDC norm will be here within 10 years and the force-out of non-SDCs (NSDC) will be...
  12. Four 16" x 7" Road America Wheels for B5.5 + Locking Bolts and Trim Caps

    Parts For Sale
    Four 16" x 7" Road America wheels in good condition with center caps. These are the stock GLX wheels from B5.5s from 2001.5 - 2003. Also included to sweeten the deal are four locking bolts with key and the black plastic trim caps for the bolts, including the locking bolts. SOLD!
  13. 2002 Passat died on road won't start.

    B5 Garage
    I have a 2002 V6 Passat that died while my son was driving on the highway. Replaced fuel pump on the side of the road but still wouldn't start. :thumbdown Finally towed it on a car dolly two hours to home and started further troubleshooting. Here is what I have found: Bench test of old fuel...
  14. Stupid freaking road side assistance!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The day started like any other, I was driving to work on a sunny day with the moonroof open and enjoying the hour long commute to work. When I got off work however, I noticed that I had left the door ajar, draining the battery. I could only find one person at work who wasn't in a meeting...
  15. B7 Road noise

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hello I have a B5, B6 and B7 Passat The 2010 B6 is running Conti Extreme Contacts and the 2012 B7 came with Milestars. They both have 55,000 miles. The B6 is quiet but the B7 has a noticeable speed linked road noise. Not a grinding completely-shot bearing noise but annoying just the same...
  16. Colorado Rockies - Mini Epic Road Tour July 11 - July 15 2016

    Events & Gatherings
    Colorado Rockies - Mini Epic Road Tour July 11 - July 15 2016 Disclaimer: --------------------------------------------- This a pay your own way event. This means even me the organizer pays my own way to attend. Organizing drives is my hobby and I enjoy putting the events on. I also pay for the...
  17. 08' Passat 2.0TS shuts down in the middle of the road

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    The Passat with 88 000 miles TSI engine that I have owned for 3 weeks had the engine light came on two days after buying it. Sunday, the car shuts down as I was driving at 50 mph (ODO, radio stopped, wheel got stuck and doors automatically opened). I could not start it again, and when I was...
  18. Water on the road

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    On my way to work this morning I hit some water and car stalled. There's never water there and I had to push car out of the middle of the road. I'm having it towed as it will not start, what may be wrong? Sent from Free App
  19. 4Motion road noise

    B5 Garage
    Having a hard time diagnosing a constant "whir-whir-whir" linked to wheel speed. Does not change when loading/unloading in turns...and doesn't sound like the "roar" noise that I had recently with a bad front wheel bearing. It sounds very much like my old toyota truck's big knobby tires sounded -...
  20. Off road farm diesel in fuel system

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    I am at the dealership getting 20k miles maintenance. They have informed me the on my last fill up I put in farm diesel. I think I got it at the Caseys in Oklahoma. They said it's not low sulfur fuel and my warranty is most likely void on future issues. They said the fuel system has a red dye in...