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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Answers? I wasn't upset or offended. Or was it just too ricey for this forum?
  2. Anything Auto
    Saw this on NTAG. It's cracking me up.
  3. Anything Auto
    I can just see it on the back of my car now!
  4. Anything Auto
  5. Anything Auto you be the judge:thumbup:
  6. Anything Auto
    I LOVE THIS CAR!!! I got it one HOUR before the 'end of the month', which means a great deal. Plusss... CPO warranty until 2011!! I've already driven like 400 miles with it in just 5 days... what a blast. Everything about it is great... gas mileage, shifting, power, the sound...
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i know this idea might seem like a stretch, but im getting my new wheels in a few days, currently somewhere between here (PA) and miami (edgeracing). my calipers are looking too bland and sloppy to have displayed thru my new flik lex's... so ive been thinking, use up the black caliper paint...
  8. Anything Auto All i can say is thank god noone has done this to a passat. It would be a disgrace:cry:
  9. Anything Auto
    This Dominator has a Tune KA20 + Supercharger engine with a displacement of 2.0l and it develops more than 300bhp, hooked up to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The brakes are from Brembo: Pad : Type Competion Rotor / FR : Active Gate Brake Rotors Rotor /RR : 5-Slits Brake Rotors Hose : Micro mesh...
  10. Anything Auto
    Pardon me if I'm interpreting rice the wrong way but how about this puppy...
  11. Anything Auto
    That wing is freaking NASTY :puke:
  12. Anything Auto
    I was getting on the highway today going up a really long on ramp (a bit longer than 1/4 mile.) I noticed a sentra in my r-v mirror, so I sped up a bit, but I was gaining fast on the car ahead of me, so I signaled to merge left into the center lane and the sentra scoots past me like I am...
1-13 of 57 Results