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  1. Why was my rice thread closed?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Answers? I wasn't upset or offended. Or was it just too ricey for this forum?
  2. The Rice scene Has Officially Hit The Passat With The Ugly Stick

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    Enjoy :wrench:
  3. 49ers interested in Condoleezza Rice

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    Posted: Adam Schefter | Adam Schefter | Tags: Condoleezza Rice, San Francisco 49ers Whether the union actually occurs is questionable. But the San Francisco 49ers want to talk to Condoleezza Rice about a high-level position within the organization, and the United States Secretary of State is...
  4. Rice.

    Off-Topic Forum 20 grains /correct answer. way less than SAT level - make your 3rd grader play it. good for your 3rd grader and good for the world.
  5. Rice Cookers

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    At long last I've become sick of the stove. Futhermore, my wife has boycotted rice in a display of protest. However, I must have my brown rice @#[email protected]#$ I hate minute rice. So - wiling to consider any pimp-daddy model (or effective lesser kin) - what's your experience?
  6. My rice fell in a ditch!

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    Saw this on NTAG. It's cracking me up.
  7. Germans eat rice!

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    I can just see it on the back of my car now!
  8. Laugh with me: Lime-flavored Rice

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  9. Rice or Rice?

    Anything Auto you be the judge:thumbup:
  10. VTEKK POWAH (rice rice baby!)

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    I LOVE THIS CAR!!! I got it one HOUR before the 'end of the month', which means a great deal. Plusss... CPO warranty until 2011!! I've already driven like 400 miles with it in just 5 days... what a blast. Everything about it is great... gas mileage, shifting, power, the sound...
  11. german flag painted calipers? rice or nice

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i know this idea might seem like a stretch, but im getting my new wheels in a few days, currently somewhere between here (PA) and miami (edgeracing). my calipers are looking too bland and sloppy to have displayed thru my new flik lex's... so ive been thinking, use up the black caliper paint...
  12. Now this is what i call rice

    Anything Auto All i can say is thank god noone has done this to a passat. It would be a disgrace:cry:
  13. Indian Rice Recipe?

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    Anyone have a really good recipe for Indian rice?
  14. Class Or Crass: Mugen Civic! Make nice or hot rice?

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    This Dominator has a Tune KA20 + Supercharger engine with a displacement of 2.0l and it develops more than 300bhp, hooked up to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The brakes are from Brembo: Pad : Type Competion Rotor / FR : Active Gate Brake Rotors Rotor /RR : 5-Slits Brake Rotors Hose : Micro mesh...
  15. German word for rice?

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    Pardon me if I'm interpreting rice the wrong way but how about this puppy...
  16. Rice spotting

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    That wing is freaking NASTY :puke:
  17. Local Rice pic

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    I just love seeing these fast cars on the road. For once I actually had my camera with me. You can't really see his tint in this picture but it had all these worm trails through it. Very odd taste with this fellow.
  18. ANTI RICE - Hilarious

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    Check this out
  19. Owned by rice...

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    I was getting on the highway today going up a really long on ramp (a bit longer than 1/4 mile.) I noticed a sentra in my r-v mirror, so I sped up a bit, but I was gaining fast on the car ahead of me, so I signaled to merge left into the center lane and the sentra scoots past me like I am...
  20. Some random rice boy pics

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    I took these while in my passat today..this guy appearantly wasn't very happy with me...