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  1. What the worst thing you've found in restaurant food?

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    And how were you comped? Seaworld 2007: A rock the size of a pea in a fish fillet. Looked like concrete. Hurt when I bit it, but fortunately no damage done. Comped my meal, free travel mug :rolleye:. Last week: Piece of asphalt the size of a marble in a chile relleno. No damage done when I...
  2. I Need Restaurant Suggestions for Metairie, LA

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    I've got a couple of hours to kill on an evening next week in Metairie, LA. I don't know New Orleans very well and I don't really feel like going into the Quarter to grab a bite for dinner, especially since I'm travelling alone. Does anybody have any suggestions for a good place in...
  3. Favorite cheap restaurant sandwich?

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    I'm partial to these'uns.
  4. Looking for Restaurant recommendation in Clearwater FL area...

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    Okay, so I have a business trip to Clearwater next week. I have one night free and am looking for a restaurant recommendation. Seafood, outdoor eating area overlooking water, not super expensive, and a place where a guy eating alone won't stand out... What cha got for me???
  5. Sh*tty Restaurant Service Pissed Me Off

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    Had reservations at a local Mexican restaurant Saturday evening. Good food, we always enjoy it. Relatively large group for this place... 12 people. First, as soon as we are seated, the manager comes over and tells us we have to get up because it reserved for a party of 12....Ummm, that's us...
  6. Miami Restaurant recommendation

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    I will be in Miami next week for a meeting. Does any one have some reccomendations for dinner? Joes Stone Crab was suggested but they are closed for a bit now. Any other nice places people know of?
  7. Sushi restaurant tipping etiquette

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    If I order sushi takeout and get one of those combo plates should I leave them a tip?
  8. Residents Angry Over Proposed Hooters Restaurant

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    There's a proposed Hooters opening up in my town (1st one!!) and I'm excited about it. Can't wait... however there are some who are completely in disarray over the idea. Maybe it's because I don't have children now... but I feel that those against opening up this establishment in a Shopping...
  9. Restaurant fiasco, was I wrong..

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    O.K. I'm a laid back guy and there's 2 things you don't do... Mess with my $$$ and mess with my food. On Saturday night a group of friends all decide to go out to dinner after the Wizards Game. One of the members in our group thought it would be funny to put a cigarette in my food while I...
  10. Restaurant Suggestions in NJ or NY

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    Can anybody recommend a good restaurant in Northern NJ or NYC.
  11. Anyone eaten at McCormick's & Schmitts Restaurant?

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    Haven't tried this restaurant, but I have it narrowed down to 3 restaurants for my wife's birthday. She loves steak, and I want to find the best for her. McCormick's & Schmitts - I have only heard one review from a friend who claims it is best. Ruth's Chris - I have heard their Rib Eyes are...
  12. Help with restaurant in San Antonio

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    This weekend my wife and I are going to San Antonio for our 1-year anniversary. Does anyone know off a nice place to eat around the river walk because that is where we are staying? Thanks for the help. Phillip
  13. Anyone checked out 'The Restaurant'?

    Off-Topic Forum I've got to say that I'm hooked on Mama's meatballs. :D If you've ever worked in any area of food service you can relate to some part of the show. Anyone else hooked on Mama's meatballs?
  14. Restaurant Week in DC

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    My sister just sent me a little tidbit for any DC-metro locals or visitors from out of town who might be interested... <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>BTW, it's restaurant week here in DC... you might want to surprise Jody with a night out on the town :-) The deal is that many of the fancy restaurants...
  15. What's your favorite restaurant?

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    I do a fair amount of travelling, and often entertain clients and colleagues for dinner, and I'm curious what your favorite restaurant is. Regardless of where it is, how expensive or inexpensive, no matter what cuisine. I just like to have a really good restaurant (or four) in every city I...
  16. So a man enters a restaurant...

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    > A man entered his favorite ritzy restaurant and while sitting at his >regular table, he notices a gorgeous woman sitting at a nearby table all >alone. > > He calls the waiter over and asks for their most expensive bottle of >Merlot to be sent over to her, knowing that, if she accepts it...