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  1. Anything Auto
    Through much of the last decade, Renault's product lineup lived up to the long-standing French reputation for peculiar design. This was particularly true of its flagship model, the bizarre looking five-door hatchback Vel Satis. That unsuccessful model is now set to be replaced by a much more...
  2. Anything Auto
    Renault has just released information on its diminutive new roadster dubbed "Wind," a car they will debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. At just 150.7 inches long, the Wind is just about five inches longer than a Mini Cooper. In keeping with the current fashion for hardtop convertibles, the...
  3. Anything Auto
    I do not usually post the stuff I know is euro-only, but this is pretty cool looking. Very Nissan. OH well, Citroen is still making French cars ;)
  4. Anything Auto
  5. Anything Auto :Yikes:
  6. Anything Auto
  7. Anything Auto
    what is it about this car that makes it so sexy? R & D?
  8. Anything Auto
  9. Anything Auto
    3.5L 280 BHP V6 365Nm 0-60 6,5 sec luggage trunk 396 lit
  10. Anything Auto
    Spotted a Renault Megane heading south-east on I-90 near O'Hare yesterday. Was movin' fast and just caught sight of it as I drove by - had blue-colored plates (MI?).
  11. Anything Auto
    Renault Magane II...would you buy this "Nissan-ized" car if available? Like a VW...different. I wish Nissan would bring back the avant garde Renault brand here. Wow, I could even call this Renault = reliable(thanks to it's Japanese genes) ...
1-15 of 15 Results