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    Dont know how many of you, if any have a QTP cut out after your downpipe on your cars. Or have had experience with them. But mine is stuck open and will not close, It is SOOOOO annoying and gives me a headache at high speeds. I only opened it cruising for 5 min then it got stuck when I tried to...
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    The motor and the wires and the toggle switch are all brand new, never been installed. asking for 130 shipped. this is a 2.5" kit. All you need is to buy this $45 2.5" Y pipe to weld it to your exhaust from below. It could be weld to any size of exhaust by using an adapter, and any exhaust...
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    I am gona get a custom downpipe, so the TT downpipe with the QTP electric cut out welded on has to come off. I am still in the process of finding a shop to do this custom downpipe It's a stainless steel downpipe, and I believe the TT downpipe has 2.5" ID. It fits automatic/tiptronic B5.5 1.8T...
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    Is it ok to wire it to the foglight housing?
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    What is the stock exhaust diameter for my 1998 1.8T. I emailed QTP thinking they would know which one I should order, but they told me to measure. My garage is full of crap now and this Seattle weather sucks, so Im not getting under the car in the cold rain.
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    Off the bat I have to say this. "More low end grunt/pull, and quicker spool-up of the turbo". Im happy with the results of the electric cut out. Its about as loud as the Remus exaust chris has, except I can go back to stock quiet at the flip of a switch.