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  1. Upgrade the push-down manual shifter to a later 1999.5+ shifter?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has anyone attempted to upgrade the push-down type shifter to a later 1999.5+ shifter? My 98 is pretty worn and supposedly the later years had better feel. Neuspeed makes a kit (66.10.60) that includes a short shifter in a later style housing but its at least $270. Any thoughts?
  2. FS: UUC NON- Pushdown Shift for B5* SOLD*

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    I bought this short shifter from "nyibpass" last year and I never installed it and I don't think I will be... so I'm selling it. He had installed it and removed it after a short time. There is nothing wrong with it and unfortunately I can't offer any opinion of it , so if you require any...
  3. SOLD------------FS: UUC Short Shift for Passat Non Push-down

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    Excellent condition. $120 shipped. Paypal verified member. Ryan
  4. FS: OEM 5spd shifting assembly [push-down]

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    Out of my '99 gls @ 52k miles. Great condition, just replaced with Neuspeed s/s. Asking $60 shipped [US only]
  5. Will non push-down reverse shift assembly work on early B5?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    will shift assembly without push-down reverse work on early model B5 with push-down? If changes are needed, what is different? Thanks, Mark