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  1. WTT: My slim PS2 and 6 games for PSP

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    Title says it all. Or mabe a spoiler. Or springs for a B5. Just a possibility.
  2. FS : PSP w/ Extras

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    ************************************** S O L D ************************************************
  3. FS Datel X2 Battery for PSP

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    Has 2 times the capacity of the original PSP battery. I will give with it a broken (cut wire) 4 GB memory incase it is fixable (which most likely is). The charger is, of curse, included….. Price $50
  4. WTT : PSP Tomb Raider - Legend

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    Beat the game. Want to trade for a different PSP Game. Straight swap. Trade offers?
  5. FS: PSP and Games....

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    I have a practically new psp with a few games I am looking to rid myself of. I need the money to pay some bills and get my passat ecu chipped. Trades are welcome :thumbup: PSP Stats: Got around November last year. I used it for a while, and now my nintendo ds rules my life. Screen has 1...
  6. Feeler non passat related Sony t9 psp gamecube Notebook RAM Bluetooth keyboard

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    Selling all the stuff I never use/don't need. My ABT Front lip got ripped off this weekend when I went down to NYC. I want to purchase another ASAP cuz it looks like crapppp~ Buy my stuff. 1. PSP - Only played a few times on the planeride to Cancun for Spring break. Have Darkstalkers...
  7. WTT/FS : PSP GTA:Liberty

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    About 50% done with the game, don't feel like doing all the other supplement missions. Would prefer RidgeRacer or a golf game for trade. Let me know. :thumbup:
  8. FS: Sony PSP + Games

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    Hey All! I am selling my Sony PSP as I haven't had time to use it much. The unit has been adult owned and maintained. Only issue is a very small scratch in the upper left corner of the screen but is not noticable during game/movie playing. I am asking $225 for the unit including shipping to...
  9. FS: Sony PSP

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    Hey guys Im selling my PSP. Reason why Im selling is because I rarely use it anymore. I guess I got caught up in the hype when it came out and just bought it right then and there. Im also including 2 games. This is the Sony PSP Value Pack purchased from Best Buy. Complete list of everything: 1...