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    FS: OZ RACING ULTRALEGGERA 8X17 with Michelin PS2 tires OZ RACING ULTRALEGGERA 8X17 (Crystal Titanium) with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245/40/17 Max Performance street tires. 5x112 bolt pattern for VW Passat Mint condition, no accident, no scratches, include original OZ bolts for your VW. Tires...
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    For sale I've got my recently refinished SSR GT3 wheels. Unfortunately, I need to sell them because I would like to go in a different direction. I just spent the last few weeks sanding and repolishing all the lips, and they look MINT. One of the front wheels has a very very minor dents that...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey all been using the forum for alot of info and all the info you guys post has been AWESOME... Figured I would throw up a pick of the PS2 and D3 installed... Next to come Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Component Front and Rear and a Base Link for the trunk. Also two 7 inch Head Rest monitors... I...
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    Used, but in practically brand new shape. Comes with 2 controllers, the power cables and the a/v cables. Everything you need; everything works. $55 shipped?
  5. Mobile Electronics
    what kind of power inverter should i be looking for? I want to convert the 12v cigarette lighter to power the ps2 which is 120v 79w. ideas? i like ebay so ebay links would be nice..
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    Title says it all. Or mabe a spoiler. Or springs for a B5. Just a possibility.
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    I am needing to get rid of this stuff now!! All of it must go and everything is in working and perfect new condition, all of it less than 2 years old. Please contact me with any questions. I have pics of everything. Open to offers, must go tonight!!! PS2, Network adapter, 2 controllers, 2...
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    These have 95% tread left on them!!! These go for $300+/tire at Tire Rack. Excellent tires. I have 2 to sell, but I can get my hands on 2 more in the same condition. Make an offer for 2 or all 4 including shipping from 43202.
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    Game System lot! I am selling my newer game systems! All of them in great shape and work perfect. I would like to get $330 shipped for all of this or best offer. Local sale $310. I really need to help my girlfriend because she has been in and out of the hospital and has not been working...
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    I have 1 wireless controll setup almost new (ps2) 2 xbox controllers, one original one aftermarket( adds 10hp) :whistle: 1 xbox high def conversion box like new as well 1 xbox headset, just missing the little foam mic cover, still works great Any reasonable offer...
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    FS: Sony Playstation w/ many extras. 2 controllers (1 of them is broken) IR remote control for dvd functions S-Video cable RCA cables RFU adaptor - with these three cables you can hook it up to any tv. Network adaptor (installed but never used) 8MB memory card Of course the PS2 comes...
  12. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Discount tire is hitting me with 4 225/45/17 ps2's for $720 mounted, balanced, and out the door! (and a $50 mail in rebate to boot) If you call them point out the $166 price on and they should match it... I thought that was excellent considering all the other shops where...
  13. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know if the network adaptor for the original PS2s will work with the new slimmer PS2s? Thanks.
  14. Classified Archive
    FS: Sony Playstation w/ many extras. I will consider parting everything out. Let me know what you would like to buy. 2 controllers (1 of them is broken) IR remote control for dvd functions S-Video cable RCA cables RFU adaptor - with these three cables you can hook it up to any tv...
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    Looking for a cheap PS2 (Playstation 2). Let me know if anyone has any for sale. PM me or post.
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    For Trade: My PS2 for your VW In-Dash Single CD Hey all, Wanted to give this a try before I post it up on eBay. Will trade my PS2 (excellent codition, hasn't been touched since I purchased the Xbox) with: 1 - Sony Dual Shock Controller 1 - 8MB Memory Card 1 - Gran Turismo 3 game 1 - Jax and...
  17. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have a set of dedicated winter tires but I am going to need new summer tires. I currently run the old Avid V4 in 205-55-R16 VR rated and see that Yokohama has introduced a tread design different from mine. Does anybody have experience with these? I really like the sidewall stiffness for...
  18. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Don't know if this is a repost, but if it is, sorry, but if not then I can't wait for GT4 to come out
  19. Mobile Electronics
    Here's what I want to install: 2 LCDs (1 in each head rest) PS2 somwhere easily accessible, but not behind the fold down armrest in case there's a 3rd passenger. What do I need? Where should I start to look? How hard is the install? I have the stock HU and Monsoon set up. I'm sorry if this...
  20. Mobile Electronics
    As the subject says. I am thinking about hooking up PS2 in the Passat. What do I need? I was thinking of a Display that sits nicely in my extra DIN in my dash and possibly PS2 in my glove box. What do i need for the install at a reasonable price? How much are we talking and can I get sound...
1-20 of 27 Results