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  1. PS2 stuff?

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    My brother-in-law upgraded to a PS3 this year, and decided that his PS2 was not going to fetch enough $$ on ebay to make it worth it, so he shipped it to us. How cool is that? We've never had a game system before, so this is going to be interesting. He sent a variety of StarWars-type games and...
  2. Wireless PC and PS2

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    Can I connect a Playstation 2 (via network cable) to a PC that is connected to my wireless network successfully?
  3. FS: OZ RACING ULTRALEGGERA 8X17 with Michelin PS2 tires

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    FS: OZ RACING ULTRALEGGERA 8X17 with Michelin PS2 tires OZ RACING ULTRALEGGERA 8X17 (Crystal Titanium) with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 245/40/17 Max Performance street tires. 5x112 bolt pattern for VW Passat Mint condition, no accident, no scratches, include original OZ bolts for your VW. Tires...
  4. FS: PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Piano, ibook

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    I am moving so I am selling some stuff. Please see below, if you are local'ish, I can meet you somewhere. The piano is pick up only and please understand it is a 1950's pianoforte. That means it is over 200 pounds. First up. ibook. It is running Mac OS X 10.4.11, 500MHz PowerPC G3. Right...
  5. Staggered 18x8 18x9 Bright Satin SSR GT3 Wheels with Michelin PS2 tires

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    For sale I've got my recently refinished SSR GT3 wheels. Unfortunately, I need to sell them because I would like to go in a different direction. I just spent the last few weeks sanding and repolishing all the lips, and they look MINT. One of the front wheels has a very very minor dents that...
  6. D3 & Ps2

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hey all been using the forum for alot of info and all the info you guys post has been AWESOME... Figured I would throw up a pick of the PS2 and D3 installed... Next to come Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1 Component Front and Rear and a Base Link for the trunk. Also two 7 inch Head Rest monitors... I...
  7. Anyone want a slim ps2?

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    Used, but in practically brand new shape. Comes with 2 controllers, the power cables and the a/v cables. Everything you need; everything works. $55 shipped?
  8. Ps2 in my car..

    Mobile Electronics
    what kind of power inverter should i be looking for? I want to convert the 12v cigarette lighter to power the ps2 which is 120v 79w. ideas? i like ebay so ebay links would be nice..
  9. WTT: My slim PS2 and 6 games for PSP

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    Title says it all. Or mabe a spoiler. Or springs for a B5. Just a possibility.
  10. I made the switch from PS2 to XBox360

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    I made the switch from Sony Playstation 2 to Xbox360. I have always thought I would never switch but I did. The unavailability and high price of the PS3 :eek:, lackluster games and overall curiosity of the Xbox has cause me to jump ship. I picked up a Xbox 360 last night, I bought it used, plus...
  11. PS2 Owners: ever heard of Swap Magic?

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    I must be behind the times, cause I didn't even know there was a "swap method" for the PS2! If you've ever wanted to "backup" your PS2 games on CD-R or DVD-R, but don't feel like modding your PS2, there's this thing called Swap Magic, which is basically a boot disc (two discs, actually, CD and...
  12. PS2 online

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    I've been thinking about setting up my PS2 for online play so my son can play with his cousin and uncle who recently moved away. I know I need the network adapter. I have cable internet and directv for tv. my house is doubly wired for each, thus the computer is on the third level, and the...
  13. SOLD: Nintendo DS Lite & PS2 Slim Line

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    Nintendo DS Lite: SOLD! Playstation 2 Slim Line: SOLD!
  14. FS: Stereo(subs), PS2

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    I am needing to get rid of this stuff now!! All of it must go and everything is in working and perfect new condition, all of it less than 2 years old. Please contact me with any questions. I have pics of everything. Open to offers, must go tonight!!! PS2, Network adapter, 2 controllers, 2...
  15. FS: Michelin Pilot Sports PS2 245/35/19

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    These have 95% tread left on them!!! These go for $300+/tire at Tire Rack. Excellent tires. I have 2 to sell, but I can get my hands on 2 more in the same condition. Make an offer for 2 or all 4 including shipping from 43202.
  16. Godfather and Warriors on PS2

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    These two games are filled with violence, blood, and bad language, which makes them oh sooo fun. Anyone playing these?
  17. Fs: Xbox, Ps2, Gamecube! Please Help Me!!!

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    Game System lot! I am selling my newer game systems! All of them in great shape and work perfect. I would like to get $330 shipped for all of this or best offer. Local sale $310. I really need to help my girlfriend because she has been in and out of the hospital and has not been working...
  18. Waste of time buying a PS2?

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    I am considering getting my son 5 year old a ps2 for christmas. He loves to play on the computer and he can completely turn on all the componets to make it work ( monitor, cpu and dsl modem) he knows what icons to double click on to make them work. I created him a shortcut for which...
  19. Final Fantasy XI for ps2

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    does anybody have this game because i need a sword or some items to help me along. so if you play I am a level 7 RDM. TIA
  20. Fs: Ps2

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    For Sale is a complete Sony Playstation 2 system. This is the orginal size unit, NOT a slim system. Since I do not use it enough, I figured I would let another person have more fun with it than me. I am also thinking about an Xbox 360. Anyway, here is the system information: System box 2...