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  1. 2005 Passat preview

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    For anyone interested in a preview of the 2005 body changes, I have pictures of it - but need someone to show me how to insert them into the topic... :cry: [/img]
  2. Passat B5 rear bumper 1 piece kit prototype preview

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Here is a sneak peek of part of a complete kit to be released by Extreme Dimension early next year for the b5 Passat. This is only the plug and it actually left to have the mold made today.. this is one of 2 they are working with us to make. This actual version will be waht I am installing on my...
  3. sneak preview spiderman2 his next foe!

    Off-Topic Forum more sm2 and punisher here: i think the sand man would have been better!
  4. 'Need for speed: underground' preview video

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    OMG! It's 2f2f all over again. How sad. 8.5 mb wmv file
  5. The Matrix :: Revolutions (Preview video)

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    13mb mpg file - right click, save as.

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    Being a huge fan of the first movie, I was a BIT dissappointed with this second one. Fighting - There were some REALLY cool fighting scenes, but WAY TOO MUCH of can tell the fighting is what they were focusing on improving from the first film. Also, why doesn't Neo just fly away when...
  7. Preview of New C6 vette

    Anything Auto
    Here I love vettes. So raw, great sound, very fun for the buck. However, the new vette looks kinda of ugly. Nothing compared to the current vette which is beautiful and a great machine. I think they went wrong with the look of the fixed lights.
  8. ClubB5 Explorer Toolbar preview release volunteers

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    Testing is going fairly well, hasn't crashed since my latest revisions and pipes has been good enough to test it on a variety of platforms for me! We have found that it does not work on Windows98, and probably never will (unless someone wants to send me a machine with Windows98 installed). Time...
  9. Merc E Klasse Preview Event Photos.

    Anything Auto
    Im back and have plenty pictures. Go here>>> Enjoy!