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  1. Pray for my wife ...

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    Tonight, I made chili. Then, I ate some chili. Soon, we will go to bed. I only think of this now because I am sitting alone in the office and, well ...I almost killed myself just now. Good lord, she's in for a world of hurt this evening.
  2. Please pray for my friend

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    One of my best friends who I've known for almost 22 of my 25 years around had a serious fall last night and has suffered serious head trauma... He was taken to the hospital where he was on a ventilator and in a coma with basically no chance of surviving. With family and friends around him...
  3. Pray For Me. I Had No Choice But To Add 87 Octane

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    Yes, Yes, It's true. Bless me father for i have sinned. The hurricane jacked up the gas supply, and all thats left on the entire coastal area is 87. I was BONE dry today, and squirted in 2 gallons of the piss water. All the stations won't be getting any trucks until the end of the week...
  4. Pray for me(i have a tick on my...)

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    male parts...yea on the backside of my boys :oops: ...i have been working in the woods alot, oh man this sucks...i am going to go try to remove it :cry: , i am kinda worried, if anyone knows anything about ticks let me know TIA
  5. Come, let us pray!

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    That its not true! July 20, 2004 — LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Beleaguered pop star Michael Jackson on Tuesday flatly denied a magazine report that he is about to become a father to quadruplets by way of a surrogate mother. "This is not true, and we are not going to further comment on stories of...
  6. Pray for us here in Southern California

    Off-Topic Forum Hitting alittle close to home. The officer that was shot at, I assisted on a fight he got into last week. This guy has taken out a personal challenge to us here in...