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    two almost brand new, only about 400 miles on them, 98%. Send your email to send pictures if you are interested, I changed to 18" and I don't need them anymore. asking $150 for both
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    SOLD Still have: 15mm billet 5x112 spacers (some JDM brand) with extended ball seat lug bolts - $70
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    full set of like new 215-45-18in low profile Bridgestone Potenza Tires with good thread about 90% $325 or trades are considered. locals only. longisland newyork pickup
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    I have spent $200 and been to two VW dealers trying to figure out a vibration that I can feel in my seat and steering wheel. I can also hear the vibration some what loudly. Both shops have said that they believe I have a couple of cupped tires. I bought my Bridgstone Potenza G009's from Tire...
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    I'm too lazy to swap wheels so a good A/S is the choice. I am looking at these on stock 16's with 4 mo. I would say it is for typical street commuter style driving but the wife generally drives it so spirited is probably a more accurate description. Anyone got an opinion?
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    Surprised Rudy didn't tip you guys on these, but Tire Rack is closing them out on the cheap. A few sizes left. Give them a call: 195/50-15 $77 ea (normally $120 ea) 205/45-16 $106 ea (normally $172 ea) 225/50-16 $77 ea (normall $147 ea) 235/45-17 $116 ea (normally $211 ea) 245/40-17 $116 ea...
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    For sale a set of early 15" Votex dealer installed wheels, not in the best shape. They do have a decent amount of curb rash, and the center caps are peeling. Tire are a nearly new set Bridgestone Potenza G009 H rated 195/65/15. This was my winter setup for 2 winters, they maybe have 8k miles...
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    has anyone had experience with these? I desperately need new tires. I'm blown away on the price though, are they cheap?
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    I recently put a set of 18 inch wheels with these tires on my Passat and was wondering if anyone else has had them and what your opinion and observations on them would be? Things like comfort, wet/dry traction and even snow, and treadwear. These are my first set of wide, low 18 inch tires and so...
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    Absolutely mint condition, with less than 300 miles, no plug, no hole, no crack. Paid over $800, asking $450+shipping (around $10 each). Paypal verified member. Ryan
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    These have 90% tread remaining. The fourth was victim to road debri, something I managed to swerve around with the rear tire, but the front passenger side ate it. My plan is to run a dedicated winter setup for snow and summer extreme/max performance during warmer seasons. Therefore, I have no...
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    Tires: (2)Potenzas and (2)ContiExtremes I bought these and no longer have a need for them. Brand new tires. I kinda wanna get what i paid for so i will let these go for $300 shipped obo which is more than 40 bucks cheaper than buying them from online vendors. The size of the tires are...
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    Switched from the Turanza LS-H to the Potenza G009. . Better Looks, Treadwear has been good, Quiet (no audible difference), Lower Price and for the handling - well I just can't tell the difference. . Running 205/55/16 Borbet CA - 1.8T Manual . My recommendation for the average joe.
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    Well, a bit off top, since it's for another car, 2003 C320, not Passat. I thought I'd ask anyway. Ireally need new set of tires for that Merc. I have Potenza 950 on it now, Very disappointed. Very fast wear and rapid drop in performance with wear. I mean VERY rapid. Now, I am looking at few...
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    Well I'm in the market for some good performing All-Seasons as I'm moving to snow country in a few weeks and these Bridgestones are up at the top of the chart on Tirerack right now so I thought I'd check and see if anyone else has gotten them or checked them out. :thumbup:
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    These tires are in mint shape and have between 6,000 - 7,000 miles on them. I also have the original receipt. The Tirerack has them listed for $73 each. I will let them go for $150 for the set, or best offer, plus shipping. Local pick up is certainly an option; I live in an eastern suburb of...
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    These were taken off after just a few thousand miles, so they are nearly new. Tirerack sells this tire for $155 each. Here are the specs; Treadwear = 260 Traction = A Temperature = A DOT = EM8KJLL5105 New, the tread-depth is 10/32". These are over 9/32" to 10/32" each. Asking $225 plus...
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    to clay or anyone who can help when i put on my summer sets a week ago (17" Superleggeras on Bridgestone RE750s), i had a grinding noise and a whump-whump-whump noise (linear to wheel rotation) i thought both were caused by the wheel bearing, which i had replaced by and independent euro shop for...
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    **PRICE LOWERED*** I have a set of 4 Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Positions. Tire Size: 225/40/18 I know its practically winter and everyone isn't thinking about performance tires, but I need to get these out of my garage. I ran 2,500 miles on them so they are practically brand new. NEW...