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  1. B5 Garage
    Good morning! Sorry for this post, but despite searching on a variety of terms and looking in the Information Base, I cannot find the handful of posts on this topic (except for the one using the Prestone flush kit--I found that one). In particular, I'm looking for one where someone added copper...
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    first post here
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    No access to Dyno forum.
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    I'm SFFrog, a/k/a San Francisco Frog. My wife and I just acquired a 2002 Passat 4-door wagon with no Owners Manual. We need one. VW wants over $50 for what should be free. :P :thumbdown :cry: HELP!
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    Why most i made 2 posts in the new member section not one post?
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    What gives? I've got one small question and I've posted at least twice in the noob forum and I still can't post to the B5 forum... Do I have to wait? What other hoops do I need to jump through here?
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    Remove & Replace Passat B5.5 2.0 liter TDI alternator in 22 minutes flat. After seeing many somewhat tedious and altogether time consuming recommendations to replace my alternator on my 2005 B5.5 2.0 liter TDI -- including one to remove the entire front end (What?!?) I documented my steps...
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    Actually get to asking my questions where they will be seen by the right people
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    Hello :)
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    have used the site as a guest a number of times for my B5 Passat. Now have a B6 and am desperately in need of help.
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    Hello. Have used the forums as a resource for repairing my car over the last several years. Have decided to sell the car. Please check classified section soon. Thanks.
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    Will be posted car for sale soon. Check classifieds section soon. Thanks.
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    Also not sure if post means new threads or just replies, but here's a new thread to be safe. :thumbup: -NDA-Z
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    I got a 2003 Passat 1.8T a couple of weeks ago. While worrying about changing oil my local guy said synthetic oil was $11/Qt. I had visited Wal-Mart recently and so went to them to get the Valvoline for $15.88. I called the number on the back of the Valvoline container and spoke with "Mike"...
1-17 of 145 Results