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  1. Paid Posters For Auto-Rx

    Off-Topic Forum This is a good read about auto-rx.
  2. 'Joker' nabbed stealing Batman posters

    Off-Topic Forum you just cant make this sh!t up
  3. Picture Posters Beware

    Anything Auto
    Are they serious? Ford: Car owners are pirates if they distribute pictures of their own cars
  4. So you know those motivational posters...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I put this in General since the most people would see it here :D :D
  5. FS: Rear Sunshade and (2) B5.5 Posters!

    Classified Archive
    Up for sale is a Universal Rear Sunshade and (2) B5.5 dealer posters. 1) The rear sunshade is universal and 100 cm in length. I was going to install it in my car, but I never got around to it and it has been sitting in my shed. $25.00 plus shipping 2) These posters came from Browns VW in...
  6. Propaganda Posters for 2004

    Off-Topic Forum
    I just found this site: Some of you may object ot these. Here are a few of my favorites: Let the flames begin. Baaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaa.
  7. Top Club B5 Posters - Any Demographics??

    Off-Topic Forum
    I was curious about who the top 5 poster's are on Club :B5:. Is there any way to breakdown how many posts were to each forum? Just curious. I think some members are neearing the 10k mark. That's a lot of gum flapping and key punching. Either way, thanks for posting - it's fun to read and...
  8. Anyone know a good place online 2 get vintage movie posters?

    Off-Topic Forum
    I'm starting a new hobby collecting old movie posters (or replicas if its too much $$$).... Heres the catch. I dont want posters from "successful" movies. I want posters from cheesy flicks from the 50's.... A few on my list: The Million Eyes of Su-Maru The Blue Bird (featuring Shirley...
  9. Hate those trite, overpriced office motivational posters?

    Off-Topic Forum
    I've been buying "Demotivator" prints from these folks for a while. It's worth a look:
  10. Does the "Top Ten" posters list bring anything positive to C

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    Does the "Top Ten" posters list bring anything positive to CB5? Or does it just make people transiently stupid? No offense intended to anyone, but it seems the quality of the posts goes down in direct proportion to the increasing number posted. Can this pointless and counterproductive feature...