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  1. Anything Auto
    Screw that bubble dome thing John Paul drove around in. Benedict knows how to drive around in style.
  2. Anything Auto If this happened around here, I'd actually consider going to mass. :)
  3. Anything Auto
    Gotta give the owner credit for profiting from this.
  4. The Black Hole Thoughts?
  5. The Black Hole
    I didn't have a chance to post this in the other forum because it was closed, but this is a seperate topic from that one anyway. This is in response to Kezho saying that the Church did nothing to stop the Holocaust, even though 1 million Catholics were killed in the same camps, and didn't speak...
  6. The Black Hole
    I can't even find the stories where the pope called gays "evil" online anymore --I guess it's considered tactless to run those stories while he's in the midst of fighting for his life. I find it much more tactless to call anyone who hasn't hurt anybody "evil". But God didn't like it, and now...