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  1. Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    have stock sway bar and would like to put polyurethane bushings but the non lube type and not from ECS tuning. thx
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So i'm needing some bushings but i'm also wanting to do some polishing to the suspension at the same time, i've lookied around and all i find is kits, does anyone just sell the bushings?? then i press them in myself??
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My "poly v belts" were found to be dry rotted after 4 years and 65k mi? Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I would like to replace the rubber tranny mounts but haven't been able to source any replacements made from polyurethane. So if you have come accross a supplier please let me know.
  5. Anything Auto
    OK, I'm getting to redo the front suspension on my car (1987 Audi Coupe GT Special Build). It's getting new springs, struts, HD strut mounts & bumb stops/dust covers, fresh tie rod ends and control arm bushings. I'm considering either Blau's Delrin Kit or QuattroSpeed's Powerflex polyurethane...
1-5 of 7 Results