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    One can only hope. January15 Volkswagen is considering offering its Polo hatchback in the United States, CEO Martin Winterkorn said in an interview this week at the Detroit auto show. When he meets...
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    Shirt is a light cream color, used but in great condition. Tag says Medium but it fits like an Extra Large. Its yours for 15.00 including shipping.
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    The GTI label is one of the most famous in the automobile world. The last Polo GTI made its debut in 1998. It delivered 125 bhp and reached a top speed of 125 mph. In the latest version, 150 bhp allows a top speed of exactly 134 mph. The other key data for the new Polo GTI is as follows: 0 to 62...
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    Imagine that little thing with a chipped 1.8t
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    This has gotta hurt! Was a Polo...was!!!! Phaeton V6 Here are the movies of the crash...
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    Completely tasteless, but...
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    Do anyone knows if Passat wheels fit on a VW Polo 9N?. It's about bolt pattern.
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    Looks like a Corolla though...
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    And, I have compiled a Touareg gallery (34 pics)....
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    On there is a petition to get the VW Polo over here in the States. How is the Polo different than a Golf? I thought it was just the Euro version of it. Also and I really hope I don't get flamed for this one, but how is the Golf different than the GTI? My wife had a Corrado which...
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    I saw this first from Vortex: A US/Can spec Polo...Why not.