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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I live in Seattle, where most of the winter is spent driving in rain, except for weekends where I drive up to the mountains for skiing. My one and only current car is a '98 Passat 1.8T FWD which is on its last legs at ~250k miles. I will probably be looking for a new AWD vehicle in the spring...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey - bought my off-to-college daughter an '03 Passat. Just hit 100k miles. Really a sweet little car. She is enjoying the heck out of it. I'm hoping to get tips and tricks on how to best maintain this. Ray
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi. , I'm Garth live in seattle but moving to kitsap soon . :lol:
  4. USA - East
    Well, there you go, I've left the B5 wagon behind, courtesy an *blankityblankblanky* in a 2000 Dodge stratus who did not stop at a stop sign, which destroyed the old B5 Wagon, *sniff*sniff*. The new '07 Wagon is doing okay, but the power trunk is wonky and the airbag light is on. Pics of ex-b5...
  5. New Member Introductions
    New to the passat life, but have been a gear head for years. The birth of my daughter kinda forced me to transition from sports cars to something a little more sensible. Now i can't wait to start tinkering and see what kinda power i can squeeze out of this 1.8t...thanks in advance for the wealth...
  6. Vehicles For Sale
    14 Aug PRICE REDUCED! $4,000 or best offer. Reasonable offers will be entertained. 8/2/14 (154,860) oil change (OC51 filter/5-40 LubroMoly) 6/14 Smogged and new tabs 7/13 (141,310) New DV, and PCV housing/hose/valve, front and rear brakes 5/13 (137,626)...
  7. Parts For Sale
    I have a like new set of Miro 111 wheels and tires that were on my B5.5 Passat, I just got stock wheels and tires, so looking to sell these outright. The wheels and tires have about 2500 miles on them, no scuffs, no scratches, no bends... they are in excellent condition (as new as you can get...
  8. Vehicles For Sale
    EDIT - 4/25/13 - Car has been SOLD This is a tough combination to find, so I was pretty happy when I found it. Honestly, I figured I would hang on to this one quite a bit longer than I have, but I have an opportunity to get a great deal on my friends car (I didn't think he was going to sell...
  9. New Member Introductions
    We are looking in to buy a B3/B4/B5 Passat to replace our Mk1 and Mk3. I don't have a Passat right now, but have had: B5 GLX wagon (white/black) B3 GL wagon (black/grey) B3 TDI Syncro wagon (red/grey) B3 1.8BT Syncro wagon (blue/grey) I think I might be missing some, but idk
  10. Parts For Sale
    I have this full set of wheels and tires for sale. Tires are pretty warn, but still have some tread on them. The wheels are in good shape, except for one that has some curbing (pictures show). 2 of the center caps are brand new, the others are in great shape. SOLD
  11. Parts For Sale
    I have a full set of Eibach springs, and stock struts from my wagon. They feel smooth still, but I am guessing they are the stock mileage of 92K miles. The springs were on my wagon when I bought it (actually, they are still on it). I just bought a set of coilovers today, so within a week or...
  12. USA - West
    Here's some info. Hopefully you can access it. If not, let me know I will copy and paste the info in the thread. Matt:taz:
  13. USA - West
    Anyone wanna participate? I'm trying to figure out if being this far north is just hosing me on prices for having work done, or if it's just the PNW in general is alot higher than other areas of the country. In Bellingham, for a complete Timing Belt job, I've gotten the following quotes SK...
  14. USA - West
    OK so here it is.... If you're down for a Sunday PDX run Sunday the 14th August is the day..... For those interested Let's meet up at the Tacoma mall Krispy Kreme around 8 for an 8:30ish departure.... Make sure to have a full tank and your road snacks at the ready....(if you are further south...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Just purchased my dads 98 passat 1.8T, silver Dirtiest interior and trunk of any car i have bought. spent 3 hours cleaning and vacuuming but the black cloth seats and dash are nice and clean now. the engine has a slight tick but it looks like a leaky injector. And i see a crack in the bottom...
  16. WTB/WTT Section
    Hi Looking for a wagon, b6, let me know what you've got. PM or better yet email hiredninja at
  17. Vehicles For Sale
    Hi All, It has come time to part ways with Passat to pursue something else. The car has been babied from the time I got in in August of 02 (like all cars on Passat World ;)) and currently has 35K miles on it. Below are the important details, and please respect the post. The car will be sold as...
  18. USA - West
    Ok all it's august now we haven't had a GTG is a while now.... So what's the deal?? PWL is at the end if the month.... But I Thinking another kart day or something... What's everyones calendar looking like??
1-20 of 65 Results