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    Hey Guys, I have a 2004 GLX Wagon and I'm wondering how to tell if the CD player is capable of taking a factory 6 disc changer if I were to buy one on ebay. The CD player is OEM and looks exactly like this one: 2003-2004 Volkswagen Passat Factory AM/FM Radio Monsoon CD Player - R-1608-2 Thank You
  2. Mobile Electronics
    word up home boys!!! i have a 2006 Passat TDI (current model). Quite recently, i have been wanting away from the stereo that was supplied with said car. deedin, i do fancy something with a touch screen, ipod connectivity, bluetooth, steering wheel controls etc.. basically something with all...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    hey guys, iam planning on getting the AVIC F700BT nav system form pionerr and i looked at the size of it and noticed it wont fit, its too small to fit. i think iama need a double din adapter. but idk where to get one from, i think i found one online but its in the uk and they dont ship to the...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Please dont' flame me, I have looked and looked and I only see a few things specific to USB MP3 players and Head Units. I read that a company called Dual has a HU that works with non IPOD devices and shows the ID tags. Do any of you know of other HU's that can do that? I would like to hook my...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    I was just wondering, how many of you actually use your DVD player in your car, and if so, what DVD's do you play?? I have a bunch of music video DVD's, mostly rap DVD's.... so that way I can listen to the music, while my passengers watch.... any pics of DVD set up? click on my website for pics
  6. Mobile Electronics
    My friend just got an alpine mp3 player (forgot the model#), and I was thinking of getting one too (but I want the Blaupunkt Los Angeles one tho), but his deck fast fowards mp3 (only mp3, not cds) so slowly. It takes like 15 seconds to FF 30 seconds. I have alot of 75 minutes mix trax so it...