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  1. up to $50 off ECS Street Shield Skid Plates!

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    ECS Performance Street Shield Skid Plate Upgrades On Sale Protect your Audi or VW's vital underbelly components with the ECS Street Shield and stop worrying about having an oil pan catastrophe! Don't forget; today is your last day to ship in time for Christmas! Click HERE to shop ECS Street...
  2. :: ECS Tuning :: $50 off Street Shields and Skid Plates | Ends: 07/26/2017

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    From now until 07/26/2017 Save $50 on ECS Street Shields and Skid Plates Click HERE for your VW MK4 Golf/R32/Jetta (1999 - 2005) Click HERE for your VW 337/20th (2002 - 2003) Click HERE for your VW MK7 Golf/GTI/R (2015+) Click HERE for your VW B5 Passat 1.8T (1998-2005) Click HERE for...
  3. FS: B3/B4 Synco rear mounting plates for Passat

    Parts For Sale
    B3/B4 Passat Syncro rear mounting plates. US$100 (plus shipping) will ship world-wide. PayPal for payment.
  4. Panzer/Thor Plates - Question about fuel efficiency

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've had a not-yet-installed Panzer plate that I've been neglecting. I'm curious about what other people have found- Which factor has a more significant effect on fuel efficiency? The weight of the plate or the improved aerodynamics it provides? In other words, was there a net gain or loss...
  5. Wheel centering plates for the rear

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    They make these for the jettas but do they make this for our cars? Trying to find these but I can't. I'm running wide wheels and the fenders are flared but still rubs on driver side
  6. 17x8 et35 Audi A6 Pie Plates

    Parts For Sale
  7. FS 17X8 ET35 Audi Pie Plates w/Hankooks 85%+ $500 NJ

    Parts For Sale
    Just like it says. Audi Pie Plates. Oem. 17x8 et35. 225/45 Hankooks 1Slight bit of rash on 1 or 2 wheels Fully balanced $500 firm Best way to contact is email [email protected] Rims and tires r great ready to throw on and go
  8. Feeler: Mercedes 9-spoke & A6 Pie plates

    Parts For Sale
    So here's the deal. I'm posting this here first to gauge any interest within the community. I've had my Merc wheels up for sale/trade for months now with no bites. I really like them; the design compliments the car very well, I think. And they are an OEM Mercedes wheel nobody seems to run on...
  9. A6 pie plates

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    So a friend of mine traded his A6 in on a Caddy and asked if i wanted his winter wheels for my B5 for free. Much to my delight, they were pie plates shod with 255/40-17 Blizzaks. Unfortunately 3out of 4 tires have dry rot cracks, so they have to be replaced. Has anyone run the wheels on a b5...
  10. FS/FT 17x8 OEM Audi A6 Pie Plates

    Parts For Sale
    No caps though and one small light curb rash. 500$ obo 17x8 et35:thumbup:
  11. Euro plates

    Parts For Sale
    I have a few authentic euro plates for sale........$30 for one, $65 for the matched set at top. this includes shipping. If you want one pm me which one if you have a choice so ai know if its still available, or if you dont care say you dont and Ill send a random one. thanks.
  12. AEB engine 2.0T coilpack upgrade with INA adapter plates and 034 ICM delete kit

    B5 Garage
    I hope you're wearing your reading glasses. If you don't need any, you may after reading through all of this. :P For info on why the ICM delete is beneficial to the AEB engine, see this thread... AEB to ATW+ Coilpack Conversion (ICM Delete) Project For info on the 2.0T coil pack upgrade, see...
  13. Running two plates in CA

    Anything Auto
    Hey, So yesterday a highway patrolman pulled up next to my car while I was showing my friend my engine bay.I almost pissed myself, I thought he was going to ask to take a look.. He told me my euro plate behind my CA plate was not legal, just as a heads up. So I'm giving everyone else a...
  14. FS: German License Plates

    Misc for Sale
    I have 12 different german license plates. Look at the picture and pick the one you like. Most of them are used and show signs of wear, but a few are like new. MEK U562 has 2 holes so it will be cheaper. Name your price. ( $5- $10 ) depending on the plate and condition. Shipping will be...
  15. European Plates (How legal can we go)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    yea yea, its probably illegal, but i found a website that sells European license plates . The interesting part is how they have "American" European plates. Its pretty much an European plate with whatever state you choose having the flag of chosen state or icon. for for instance, I'm choosing...
  16. Euro Plates and Surround Mount

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I wanted to share this plate online store for anyone thats looking for the euro style plate on the front of their car. Ive just put in a order for a Unbanded Plate and the surround mount. The Plate was just at $30 and the Mount was for 10. The plate is made to order, you can have any text you'd...
  17. Wolfsburg edition front plates

    B6 Garage
    So over the weekend we picked up a 2007 Passat 2.0T Wolfsburg edition. The car is clean and has no external screwholws and such. However Ohio does require a front license plate. The previous owner had wire tied the plate on and had the official mount in the trunk(VW part # etc). However I am...
  18. Boy I wish i could drive without plates

    Anything Auto
    Seems to be very popular.;)
  19. Camo plates are the trend now.

    Anything Auto
    seems to be a popular trend to have camo rear plates on a fit? rear two piece discs are bigger than the fronts. lol! never heard of gauge pods?
  20. you need double license plates to drive in China

    Anything Auto
    You know that Hong Kong is just neighboring china by the ShenZhen border, so some Hong Konger like to drive into china, but China requires to have their plates on the vehicles as well, so if you see double plate it is common sight, so don't freak out. top plate is hong kong and lower we all know...