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  1. First project of the year - 1966 Ford F250 4x4 pick-up

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    Quick Links to Pertinent Posts: Master parts purchase list. Well, the time has finally come for me to get my lazy butt out of the house and start working on my '66 Ford...
  2. Free parts from B5 Passat (LA pickup only)

    Parts For Sale
    I have some parts laying around that is just taking up space. Free to a loving home. Some OEM, some aftermarket, in varying conditions. The homelink visor, I cut the top open to work on some of the wiring. the votex style side skirts have some cracks and will need some tlc. the turbo i...
  3. FS: Various Accessories and Parts - Pickup in the local DC and Baltimore Area

    Parts For Sale
    Exterior: - OEM Roof Rack: Just the rack itself (the wood rack stays with me). Includes all four caps, rubber gaskets, torque wrench, and keys. One of the sides of the rear rack was not holding on/would pop off when torquing down because the retaining bolt and nut would slide out of the...
  4. Oil Pressure Light / STOP after timing belt / CCT gaskets change / Pickup Screen?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi all, I recently changing the TB/water pump/etc. and replaced the cam chain tensioner gaskets, valve cover gaskets, and pads on my '03 Passat. The engine sounded fine and everything is good. I had one check engine light caused by not plugging in the MAF sensor. Did this, cleared it. No...
  5. Clogged oil pickup screen - what is the ‘10ga stranded wire trick’?

    B5 Garage
    In this thread I read that the OP has tried the ‘10ga stranded wire trick’ which made things better for a few months. Does anyone know what this trick is? Is it really possible to access the oil pickup screen with a wire and clean it without dropping the oil pan? Thanks :)
  6. 4 16" Montreal wheels for sale $120 - pickup in Chicago only

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    Hi all, I have 4 16" Montreals (5x112) + center caps from a B5 Passat for sale for $120 or best reasonable offer. Wheels are in good condition considering their age, with some curb rash and chipping, plus a bit of brake dust. Photos are attached. Since they still have tires (completely shot)...
  7. SNOW TIRES - Full sets - New Hampshire pickup or shipped!

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    Figured I'd post up here, I have a collection of mint snow tires. Prices are slightly inflated as this is copy/paste from my craigslist ad, and I expect to be low balled on there. PM me for more info on any of the following 15" (4) 205/60R15 - Dunlop Graspic DS1 - 10/32 - $255 16" (4)...
  8. Free - B5, driver's side, front window regulator, no clips. local pickup Raleigh NC

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    New condition, in the box. I only bought it for the clips many years ago. If anyone in the Raleigh area wants it, let me know.
  9. Bmw e30 4 sale or trade suffolk l.i pickup

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    AutoCheck Vehicle History Report 1989 BMW 3-Series 325i Report Summary Class: Upscale - Near Luxury Engine: 2.5L I6 EFI Country of Assembly: Germany Vehicle Age: 24 year(s) Calculated Owners: 1 VIN: WBAAD2307K8847602 1989 BMW 325i auto sedan classic . its a project car. runs and...
  10. Oil level in the crankcase and the pickup tube screen.

    B5 Garage
    Hello all, 98 1.8t, I put diesel fuel in the crankcase through the dipstick tube so that the pickup tube is completely submerged and the gunk on the pickup screen would settle on the bottom and drained out. How many quarts of gasoline would be enough to submerge the pickup screen but would...
  11. VW Pickup?!?

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    German dealer creates VW Amarok Colt Seavers Edition [w/video]
  12. concave mesh wheels $150 full set suffolk l.i pickup

    Parts For Sale
    all in true shape. no cracks or bends. just some clearcoat peeling in some spots on the lip. {you can use aircraft paint stripper to take off the clear and polish the lips} or just leave them as is since its very minor. $200 takes the set if serious $150 this week 15x6.5 5x114 et35 suffolk...
  13. Sludge/Pickup Screen Cleaning/Auto-Rx

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey fellas. Need some input. My oil pressure light came on last week and I haven't driven the car since. I drained the oil and poked around a bit through the drain hole. There's quite a bit of gritty, sandy, muddy sludge in my pan. My screen is probably clogged. I was researching a ton...
  14. Flashing Oil Light

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    As some of you may know, I replaced the turbo in my 99 AEB passat. I took it for a test drive the other day for about 8 minutes. Then I let it idle in my driveway and reved it up quite a bit. After a few revs my oil light started flashing. I turned the car off and checked the oil level and...
  15. Looks like it's time for a new oil pickup...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well, I had a STOP oil light flash on and off a couple of times and I just completed my oil pressure gauge install last night. On the way to work today - no warning light but my pressures are: drumroll...... cold idle - 72psi warm idle - 22 psi fully warm 2k rpm - 32-35 psi fully warm 3k...
  16. FS staggered deep dish stern st-5 wheels - $400 longisland newyork pickup

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    this is priced cheap due to whats stated . dont waste my time if you cant pick them up. up for sale is a set of deep dish stern chrome project rims with tires in 5x114. {will also fit 5x112 cars} these are a good for powdercoating or to refinish.. 1 RIM WAS WELDED AND THERES SOME PEELING THUS...
  17. OEM Carrier Bars - $100 local pickup or $130 shipped

    Parts For Sale - B6 Accessories for sale soon - advance notice
  18. Free: B5/B5.5 v6/1.8T muffler/exhaust for pickup in Chicago

    Parts For Sale
    Great condition. Come pickup. It's getting recycled at end of week. It'll weld on to a V6 or 1.8T passat. They both use the same exhaust. Pickup in Wicker Park.
  19. SMOKE! Blown seal in turbo? Future pickup truck

    B5 Garage
    Hello everyone! Newbie here with an oil burn question Recently picked up a cheap 98 1.8t passat wagon needing some work, with intentions of converting it into a pickup truck. :) It has 213.000 miles, runs and drives fairly well but has an oil burning problem. From what ive read, im...
  20. newbie with a 98 passat 1.8t wagon >> want to convert it into a pickup. ideas?

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    Hello everyone! Just bought a 98 Passat 1.8T station wagon the other day on the cheap, with plans of chopping it into a pickup truck, mainly for fuel economy and having something odd and different :) Im not new to VW, but this is my first passat. Forum already has been a great help, when I...