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  1. Photochop request, please.

    The Showroom
    I need these photochopped onto my car with GOLD faces and BLACK chrome lips. Thank you. Here is my car: Kev
  2. Photochop: Which Rims For My Passat? S8's or Helios

    The Showroom
    Sirs, Been toying with the idea of gettin new wheels for Passat. Its either between... 19" Audi S8 Replicas 19" Phaeton Helios I colour coded the car as well. Wot you's think? S8's Helios :thumbup:
  3. Check out this photo-chop

    Off-Topic Forum
    Its for a contest on another board, and I thought I would share. Origional Chop
  4. PHOTOCHOP: My car with Rondo's.

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I ordered a set of them and was wondering what you guys thought of them on my car. I like them a lot because now I have steel wheels and this would be a very nice upgrade for the price. :D
  5. Is this real or photochop?

    Anything Auto look at his trailer <![CDATA[ look at his trailer [Modified by drive, 10:09 PM 1/29/2003]