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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys. New guy here My phatbox should be here anyday, so I figured maybe some people who have tackled the install could give me a heads up on anything out of teh ordinary from doing multiple searches, and reading,reading,reading I have gathered a few things It will not fit where the...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    audi is having a holiday blow out on the phatbox, marked price down to four something. does anyone know if vw is doing the same thing? is the vw same as audi phatbox? if so i'd get me one at a steal
  3. Group Buys
    :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: ONLINE ORDERS ONLY!! Use coupon code PHAT and receive $370.00 off your PhatBox. That is a total price of $425.00 , (plus shipping) instead of the regular $795.00. While Supplies Last. :thumbup: :thumbup...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    Do any of you own a PhatBox? What do you think of the sound quality compared to cds? Is it noticeable if you are not an audiophile? That Liberty VW deal looks really good and I would love to have all my songs in the car with title and artist audio announcements. Any comments are appreciated!
  5. Group Buys
    Thats right, save another $190 bucks, hurry though this ends in two weeks..... Call the store to order 1-847-680-8000 $460 shipped if you need it before the holidays ask the guys about rush shipping....
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Thats right, save another $220 bucks, hurry though this ends in two weeks..... Call the store to order 1-847-680-8000 $425 :) if you need it before the holidays ask the guys about rush shipping... New lower price
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Well, I got my Phatbox in the mail today from Drew Auto. Hooked it up and it all works great. Now I get to the install. As many have said, it apparantly will not fit in the shelf where the factory CD changer goes thanks to the depth of the connector on the back of the unit. I see this now...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    im looking after pics that show the phatbox menu on the vw mfd navigation system, if anybody could help me out that would be great!
  9. Mobile Electronics
    Update on "Variant Friendly" Phatbox? plus questions.. I'm interested in the Phatnoise/Phatbox module for my '03 Variant. I in earlier posts Variant owners were finding that the module did not fit in the CD changer shelf as was advertised due to how the connector was arranged. The shelf...
  10. Mobile Electronics
    I'd like to get a Phatbox for a Passat, but with a 40GB cartridge, not 20GB. As far as I can tell, VW only offers the 20GB, forcing me to buy an accessory cartridge and then sell or discard the 20GB. That's STUPID. The main reason for me to consider the PhatNoise system is to have ALL of my MP3s...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    Where did you mount your Phatbox? Mine doesn't seem to fit in the CD changer slot with the mounting brackets attached so I mounted it on the rear deck, next to the Monsoon amp. I have a pretty hideous hum/whine while the engine is running and I suspect it's because I mounted a piece of metal...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    Ok, for those of you that ordered the Phatnoise ( phatbox via the groupbuy that was going on a month or so ago, how do you like it after 6 weeks of use? FOr those not familiar, this was feaured in Drivevw magaizine and is the 20G MP3 application (4000 songs) that is a plug and...
  13. Mobile Electronics
    Someone is offering to sell a Phatbox. However they are unsure if it is compatible with the VW. I asked what the connector cable looked like, and he said it was round with 13 pins. I know this is wrong as the newer VW cd changer cables are now rectangular, but does anyone know: 1) what car...
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    PhatBox DOES work with Mac OS X and iTunes. There are also a version for Linux.
  15. Mobile Electronics
    My PhatNoise PhatBox 20GB MP3 unit arrived today from Liberty VW (via the group buy). Initial impressions: the PhatBox itself is very solid and really cool looking. Hook-up: the connection is simple: plug 1 end of the cable into the PhatBox and 1 end into the CD changer plug in your trunk...
  16. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm getting a head start with my Phatbox install, went to their website and downloaded the music manager, I am ripping my audio and creating my play lists as I write this. This is pretty nice software, I can rip an entire album in about 4 minutes!! :b5: :thumbup:
  17. Group Buys
    Hot off the press guys be the first ones to get em. We have just placed a large order for them. THis works in your existing CD Changer slot and works with Monsoon and non Monsoon equipped cars...Any New VW 98 or newer. Visit for more information. 20GB hard drive, 4,000...
  18. Mobile Electronics I missed out on the first limited edition run of these but hopefully won't miss out this time around. These are new Phatboxes which Kenwood based it's Music Keg system on. Great for all your music pirates out there.
241-258 of 258 Results