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  1. Permanent Key Transponder???

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok so since I have owned my 03 Passat 1.8T I have only owned 1 key. I would like to get some more made, but of course they are super expensive. I have found an alternative of purchasing a used FOB and a blank key for about $20, and my local locksmith is able to laser cut it for $25. Only...
  2. Passat Windows Permanent Fix/Prevention

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello I was browsing the web on how to fix my passat windows since 3 of 4 windows fell in(passenger and the 2 back windows) and I currently have pieces of wood holding the windows up. Also is there any way I can avoid this happening on the driver's windows since I feel that it is kind of loose...
  3. DIY: The Permanent Rear Window Regulator Clip Fix (aka: the Cabinet Knob Trick)

    B5 Information-Base
    This thread will show you how to use a regular kitchen cabinet knob ($1.50)and some washers ($0.22) to replace the worst designed part on the Passat. History: This is my second time using this fix for my rear door. The first fix was completed over a year ago and to this date I have had no...
  4. Battery live Amp permanent Live question

    Mobile Electronics
    Its chucking down with snow outside at the moment and i wanted to wire up my amp today, only problem is that i cannot see a grommit or area of the bulkhead to shove a wire from the battery live to behind the dash, i guess using the power outlet in the boot is not sufficient! can anyone help me...
  5. Useful permanent forums

    Hi Everyone, Right here is the initial list of forums of information that would be useful to all members of the forum. Not only will it reduce the amount of repeat questions for common topics, but also serve as a central hub of information for all things relating to the maintenance, care and...
  6. Is this Passat World permanent?

    New Forum Issues
    We should change our bookmarks for good to passatforums or the old CB5 will be back...I just want to know so I can fix my browser and my profile and my pics. Thanks
  7. Help!!! Someone used permanent black marker on my car!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Someone drew a line of permanent black marker on my car!!! :mad: Freakin' city living!!!! How can I get it off without damaging the paint job? Please help!