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    I bought my 99 Passat from a used car dealer in Pensacola. I am currently in Biloxi, MS and will be leaving to drive back to Idaho on Tuesday. If anyone lives close to or very near to Pensacola I need a big favor.....The dealer has yet to pay of my trade-in, send me the title to the VW, and my...
  2. USA - South
    Kevin, 02GLS Moved to Winter Haven I have owned my Passat for two years now and have only lowered and tinted the windows. Time to look for some wheels. Any ideas? Just moved to Winter Haven due to my job. Have not seen and B5s here yet. anyone here?
  3. USA - South
    Just got my 02' Passat GLS. I love it. :D
1-3 of 3 Results