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  1. FS: Pela 6000 NIB

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  2. For all those with a 1.8T using a Pela oil extractor...

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    I did my last oil change very successfully using my Pela 6000. But, as an extra step, I drove the rear of the car up on Rhino Ramps so that when the oil drained back into the oil pan it would all be towards the front of the engine. I did this thinking it would make it easier to get all the oil...
  3. WTB: Pela 6000 Oil Extractor

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    Im looking for one of these, anybody got one?
  4. Pela oil extractor

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    $20. meet in queens or along the hutch used it 4 times. no more driveway, no oil changes for me. sorry no ship.
  5. Good deal on Pela 6000 oil extractor

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    Got a good deal on a Pela oil extractor at The Pela 6000 was on sale for 38.99, + 6.88 for shipping for a total of 45.87.
  6. Pela 650 Oil Extractor

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  7. Thanks guys, & thanks PELA!!!

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    I just did my first oil change with my pela 6000. I have 75k on my car and I've been using quick lubes. It took me about 25 minutes total, but it was extremely easy. I did have some oil spill on the garage floor when I took the filter off. Any tips to keep this from happening would be...
  8. Got Pela 6000; thanks Club B5!

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    After reading about it on the forums here, I got myself a Pela 6000 for oil changes. I never would have thought of it myself, being only a dilettante when it comes to servicing my cars. I'm not using it on the Passat yet; it's still under warranty and I don't want to take chances, but I used...
  9. FS: Pela 6000 & Blaupunkt PA2150 amp

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    #1 Pela 6000 Oil extractor . . . used once, own two of them, don't need one at school anymore. Purchased for $45+shipping, selling for $40 shipped. #2 Blaupunkt PA2150 amp Bought off of ebay for $80, small profile, used for a few weeks with no issues, decided to...
  10. Pela of MityVac Oil Extractor?

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    About to purchase an oil extractor for oil changes. I've read posts about each of these. Anyone have an opinion of which is better and why? Thanks
  11. FS: PELA oil extractor 6000, $30

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    Howdy, Time for garage clearing sale. I have a used PELA oil extractor 6000 that I no longer need. I only used it once. It is in perfect shape and condition. Including everything that came with it. Looking for $30 + exact shipping. If local, pick up is welcome.
  12. Pela PL-6000 oil extractor question

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    i bought the Pela oil extractor, and this is the first time i've used it... looking for people who have it and use it on their B5... when i put the tube into the dipstick channel, it meets some resistance, and then goes down another inch or so where it meets even more resistance. twisting on...
  13. Pela 6000 ROCKS!

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    SSIA. I just did my first Pela 6000 oil change, and it was worth every penny. No climbing under the car, no belly pan removal, and best of all, no mess whatsoever. If you've been thinking about getting one, do it. You'll thank yourself (1.8t owners, anyway). One thing to check though. At...
  14. Questions on the Pela Oil Extractor

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    I just got a Pela oil extractor and went to work on my 03 1.8t. I followed the instructions on the oil change, however, I only got out 3 quarts of old oil. I warmed up the car and had it on level ground. I inserted the plastic tube till it hit some resistence. Anyone have the same problem...
  15. Best Place to Buy Pela Oil Extractor?

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  16. Pela Oil Extractor and N75 valve results :)

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    This past weekend, I tried out my Pela PL-6000 Oil Extractor and also installed my "H" valve. I bought the PL-6000 based on some member reviews here in Club B5 and it worked like a charm! I warmed up the car for about 5-10 minutes, let it sit for about 5 more minutes, placed the tube into the...