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  1. Rust in peace. '02 1.8t

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, well, my little green veedub has finally gone to the giant car lot in the sky. ( at least for me ) 379k miles was a good life for the little thing. Pretty much a blown headgasket and suspected warped head did it in. And I'm not putting any more money into it, when the cost of...
  2. Thanks, and peace out.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Due to circumstances somewhat beyond my control...I traded my B5.5 in late last week. My wife's car died - for good (stupid Saturn Vue with CVT) - and she's unable to drive a manual, which meant no assuming ownership of the Passat. I wanted her to have something nice, and safe, for us to drive...
  3. Rough idle, CEL and then peace

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The other day my wife called me from in front of the house to say that the car ran really rough when she started it and had a flashin CEL light. She was smart enough to shut it down right away. While talking to her, she tried it again and that time it ran fine and had a solid CEL, so she drove...
  4. peace prize stolen.

    The Black Hole
    check this out. a lady in tehran had her nobel peace prize confiscated by the iranian government. this lady got the award for being pro-human rights. since then her life has been threatened in every which way, i would imagine. this is also the first national confiscation (or confiscation...
  5. Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

    The Black Hole
    It was raining here when I heard, so it was fun to learn what I thought was thunder was actually Sean Hannity having an aneurysm. After all these years of the entire US foreign policy being to bomb the shit out of people and stuff, I thought it would go to that clever John Bolton chap. Discuss.
  6. Peace Treaty with VX3

    FYI, we just signed an official peace treaty with VX3. This means no pillaging of any VX3 member, active or inactive, without prior approval. Thanks!
  7. So we signed a peace treaty with Lead yesterday...

    ...and today I get this message from one of their members (don't know his role): What a pain in the ass... I'm also being hit up for assistance in fighting Black Lagoon (BLK_L).
  8. I Accepted a Peace Treaty with TRIAD (ameoba's alliance)

    FYI...ending The Greek's final approval, I've accepted a peace treaty from ameoba. I believe it covers TRIAD. I'm not sure how peace treaties work so if anyone has insight, I'd love to hear it. BTW, there are a few more offers out there pending The Greek's approval...
  9. Peace Treaty Proposal from The Brave Ones - Epsilon (TBO)

    Received the following request: Thanasi's decision but discuss...
  10. whos the head cheese while the greeks away...just had a peace offering

    Ive been going back and forth with this guy for a little bit, seems pretty cool. Might be a good chance for a peace treaty...they are ranked 6th.......this is the last message I recieved from him: An offer for your alliance. I just checked on PACK and found that you are in 10th place as an...
  11. Peace treaties with another alliance.

    So I'm just making a few plans to pillage a town on a nearby Island and I see this.. "Treaties with The Coil Pack Treaty Peace treaty (Offered)" This is for a ATF alliance member.. What's the deal? Are we all buddies or can I go take some crystal?
  12. Hey GW: Israel says it is holding peace talks with Syria

    The Black Hole
    At least some countries are more mature than our useless president. I wonder how George would explain this?
  13. help to find a weird peace

    B5 Garage
    well sorry for this but i have been looking for this part like a week and i can't find it... i need the 2 covers that are shown below because i broke my by mistake i don't know if some know where to get those peaces... its for a 99 b5... just the two covers thanks
  14. Peace, Propaganda and the promised land.

    The Black Hole So who is the terrorist? Who created terrorists? Which is worst then the other? Where does it end? Put yourself in these people's shoes? Would you consider fighting back (be a "terrorist"?) for your freedom/rights......your...
  15. Let us college kids watch our porn in peace

    The Black Hole LOL. Such haters. :lol: And to correct the inaccuracies, it isn't funded by the student activities fee. Activities...
  16. Is the Noble Peace Prize a joke?

    The Black Hole
    Is the Nobel Peace Prize a joke? It appears so. IAEA, ElBaradei Share Nobel Peace Prize "Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency that he heads won the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. ElBaradei, a 63-year-old...
  17. Cheap peace of mind

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My teeth are whiter, my kids are getting straight “A’s” and the Arctic Heron is no longer on the endangered species list. That’s all because I replaced my vacuum lines. Actually, I didn’t notice one jot of difference in performance, but I do have a bit more peace-of-mind. The old braded...
  18. Need peace of mind...

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Id like to put this to rest onec and for all....On friday my car is going in for an H&R sport drop and new wheels/tires. I am worried about the offset, I keep getting mixed reports as to wether or not I will rub/stick out too far... H&R Sport drop...225/50/16 tires on 45 offset wheels...Going...
  19. Peace of Mind / Heads-up: Timing Belt / Tensioner

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well at 79,299 miles I decided to go for the 1st major maintenance and I am so glad it is over. The engine sounds smooth at idle and now have complete peace of mind for another 80K miles. The AEB engine code and MY'99 has a TSB for an updated tensioner so I have the new type of tensioner...