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  1. ESP/ New Headlamp Assembly 2004 vw passt gls fwd

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    !st post Im doing as asked not post questions here 2004 vw passat love it need a site like this for cple months still learning new things about him, his name is "Passer"
  2. 08 passt 2.0T Coolant temperature sensor and code P2181

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    My 08 Passat 2.0T threw code P2181 which is Cooling System Performance Code but I could not pinpoint what exactly caused the code. P2181 Cooling System Performance DTC So I took the coolant temperature sensor off and found it has so much residue around its copper head. I replaced it. And then...
  3. 2001 passt AUG wont start

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey, i have a 2001 passat with the AUG engine. My car will not start after replacing the head gasket. I have checked the timing tons of times and thats not the problem. The car will crank but it will not start. If i remove the cam position sensor the car will start but with a terrible idle. The...
  4. seeking help with my sons 2001 passt.

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    I looking for a diagram that shows me the layout of the driver side head light assemble.
  5. just checked codes on my 2003 volkswagen passt 1.8 turbo . please help.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Ok here are the codes i got: P0011 P0300 P0301 P0302 P303 P0333 P3081. Car runs good though. Sometimes it will crank and you have to give it gas to start. I know fuel injected cars you dont have to. Im worried if i bought a lemon. Im scared lol.
  6. 2 b5 a4 black leather shift boots and 1 b5 passt blk leather boot

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    hey i have some shift boots sitting around and i figured since they are in such good shape and i have a perfect one in my car, and another perfect one as a backup i may as well sell the other 3 i have. as i said in the post heading 2 are from b5 audi a4s, but im sure could be made to fit the...
  7. passt tdi 170

    Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Hello there guys, well I have passat with 140k on with full vw history, any how I took my car to a so called specialist to get a new diesel filter due to my car power surging in the higher rpm, any how I took it into garage all running fine, when I get back to the garage, they told me the fuel...
  8. Need help with 98 Passt 1.8 Turbo please read

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    Ok the problems with my car started about 6 months ago. It would start shaking occasionally for a minute or two, then I could usually accelerate through it and the shaking would stop. The check engine light would flash when the car was shaking. On advice from friends and due to some engine codes...
  9. Passt B5 2-door sedan

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  10. FS: 98 Passt 1.8T MT Show Car

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    Well its offical Im listing my car for sale, As many of you know this is one of a kind, RARE Modded Passat...It may be one of the earliest Passat, production date 6/97. It is almost completely euro spec. It is equipped with the AEB 1.8T which is a tank, SOOO easy to work on compared to later...
  11. 2nd Post. of coz Passt Pictures

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    Whats up guys,:hatoff: New New New here to the PassatWorld. Loving it, tons of reading. Sadly, not much about TDI. But I think I could still found a thing or 2 here and there. :bowdown: So here's my car :b5:2000 TDI I beileve with 115bhp, Loaded with power everything, leather seats with blue...
  12. CDM PASST ......made in CHINA ??

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    DIDN'T know this one
  13. Feeler: FS 2002 Passt GLS 1.8t Manual

    Classified Archive
    Hey Everyone - Starting to wonder if something with all wheel drive would be fun. That said I'd need to move my passat first. As you can see from the pics it is Black with gray cloth interior, 5sp manual with the cold weather package (heated seats), and monsoon. It's in great shape inside...
  14. Looking for original hub caps 2000 Passt

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    Anyone holding on to their old 15" plastic hub caps. My wife's Passat needs new ones. Thanks
  15. FS: Factory 16" Passt B6 Wheels + Tires w/TPMS

    Classified Archive
    Set of four wheels, tires and tire pressure sensor. Goodyear Eagle LS tires. They only have 200 miles on them. I just bought the car last weekend and am putting the wheels and tires off of my old Passat onto this car. Prefer pickup in Los Angeles Area. $1000
  16. Passt Newbie: Issues with Steering Wheel Controls/Outside Temp readings

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi I am a new owner of the 2001 passat glx. It has 50k on it. I have couple of questions/problems, so please help me by answering the questions and how to fix the problems. Problem1: My car all of sudden shows wrong outside temperature. It show correct temperature for some time and all of a...
  17. 2002 V6 Passt CV Joint

    B5 Garage
    Have anybody had to put a cv joint yet. Was it a problem. Dose the cv joint come right off the axle, or you have to beat off. My cv joint isn't bad, my cv boot is boosted. I have to put a new on, before dirty get in it. :puke:
  18. 91 passt gl

    Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    hay ya'll im a first time import owner, just scored on a 91 passat gl in farly good condition. have 2 questions for the 'pros'. first is when i got the car i was tolled there is a prob with it overheating, i check all the mechanical points on the system, and all checks out, next thought is...