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passat or a4
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  1. Anything Auto
    me :crazy: , but I am very dissapointed by impreza's comfy level..... I miss the passat.... lol this time I will needa get a B5 in order not to loose too much.... currently owe 9k, let's say they give 7k for the trade, new car cost 7k, and I will be ending up owing 9k....... I have only put...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone know if the B5.5 Passat steering column cover is the same as the B5 A4's? The part number is 3B1 858 565 A. sells a factory quality steering column gauge pod for the B6 A4 and S4, and will start selling one for the B5 A4 in April. This is much nicer than the New South...
1-2 of 9 Results