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  1. 08 2.0T Manual trans, wrecked, not parting

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    For Sale: My 2008 Passat 2.0T, 6 speed manual, black, black leather interior. Hit in Left front by a drunk driver while parked on the street. This would be a great car for someone wanting to swap from automatic to manual! Can hear it run, not driveable. Not parting out. Located in Denver CO...
  2. parting out b 5.5 wagon

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    North of 49th parting out 2002 passat 4 motion wagon v6 2.8 l with auto. blue/grey colour with full load nice kept black leather interior for no other reason than it got rear ended, odo. 210k km runs good shifts good, still drives.
  3. Parting out 2004 Passat GLX in North Carolina

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    As stated. I just bought this car from a friend to fix my 4 motion. The engine is done but there are plenty of parts available and need them gone. The car was a GLX with all the options like OnStar, folding mirrors, etc. I also have a full blown 1.8t engine for parts laying around out of a 2003...

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    Hey everyone it's been a very long time since I've been on the forum. My Passat has finally seen it's last day on the road. I'm putting out a feeler for what anyone might need off my passat. Everything is up for sale. Please send me a pic or part number and description of what you need. I will...
  5. Parting out a 2001 b5 platform 1.8t tip

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    Got so much stuff and aftermarket. 15x7.5 Borbet type A with flat caps and hex black with polished lips 5x112 perfect fit $400 plus shipping Apr stage 2 ecm with option to stock through cruise control switch. Boost is 19 and it clears all check engine and throttle body alignment $175 shipped it...
  6. 2000 B5 Passat Wagon parting out - lots of white body parts

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    A friend and I are parting out my white 2000 VW Passat 2.8 30v 5-spd manual wagon. It was in good running condition with little wear to body parts when I was rear-ended by an SUV, right at license plate level above the bumper. We're evaluating the engine and determining if I need any parts...
  7. Parting 2006 4-motion VR6

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  8. FS: Parting 1999 GLX (B5) & 01 Audi A4 (B5) 1.8T

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    Updated 10/24/16 I scrapped the A4 back in September and very few good parts are left. I have the remaining parts of both cars boxed up and stored for now and no longer for sale. Consider this for sale listing closed. I will relist my remaining items later after I reorganize. Thanks. I have two...
  9. parting 2006 passat 2.0t - nebraska

    Parts For Sale Motor is disassembled - block / bottom end is complete in trunk. Head disassembled - Bad auto transmission sitting on the back seat on passenger side. Located Nebraska. will ship at your expense.
  10. Parting out 2003 passat sedan grey 1.8t

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    Hello guys, I'm parting out 2003 passat. Need to sell everything ASAP, what is left will go to the crusher. Everything will go cheap. Bought it for the engine, so engine is gone. Car had rear end damage, drivers side quarter, tail lights and bumper were damaged. See pictures below. Sold so...
  11. Parting out 99 B5

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    I've got a light green 99 B5 1.8t that I got for parts but it's kinda just taking up space now. It has black and gray leather interior. Like I said some of the stuff is already off of the car because it was being used for parts. I don't have all of my tools to take the car apart but let me know...
  12. FS Parting out 2001 GLX Sedan

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    The Passat is a B5.5 4 Motion, V6 Tiptronic. I have drivers front and rear and passenger rear doors in very good shape in Reflex Silver. Complete doors as taken from car $65. each. Rear calipers, pads, and rotors were replaced less than 60 days before timing belt broke. I have the entire car I'm...
  13. parting out a 2005 tdi wagon

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    i'm parting out my passat tdi wagon. i lost compression in the number 2 cylinder and plus i have a code for my torque convertor. So im not going to fix it. The car has 160xxx miles. I have the intake flap on ebay that i bought in May brand new from the dealer that cost me $500. (its on ebay)...
  14. Parting out 1999 Passat sedan aeb

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    I bought this sedan as a parts car for my manual swap. The transmission and all related parts are not for sale. This is a super clean silver body with black cloth interior. All glass is good, headlights are brand new literally from VW, brand new brakes. this car suffered a snapped timing belt...
  15. Parting out - best parts before crusher

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    My '02 1.8T rear ended a ford in traffic and the passenger headlight area was crushed in. With both airbags deployed, 2 shops recommended giving it up. I'd like to pull the most valuable parts and make them available, and also recoup some cash. Which parts would you recommend that I store...
  16. Parting Out: 1998 V6 GLX

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    1998 B5 V6, GLX, MT, 146,000mi. Elegant green metallic. Tan leather interior with wood trim. Shoot me your offers and please include shipping to your location from 53202. Car won't be around for long, so the sooner the better. Also has the stubby passenger-side mirror. Interior is in pretty...
  17. Parting out 2002 Passat b5.5 in Fairfax Va

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    went to scrap today...sorry.
  18. Parting out 02 Passat

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    1.8t 02 sedan awm manual fwd grey int. grey ext. catless 2.5 turbo back stainless flowmaster 40 series used for a year. newer oem control arms brembo ft. and rr. rotors used but i can turn them if wanted All airbags undeployed Motor being sold as a whole Window Regulators good Door latches good...