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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hi all, A pair of passat B6 front wheel bearings and housing. I accidentally bought these when looking for bearings for my b5.5 As stated these are the B6 wheel bearings and their housing with the 4 bolt holes so it saves the need for a press! These are brand new in packaging. Photo below is...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Hey guys, I have a set of 5x112 20mm spacers that I was going to run but I need a different size. These are in great shape and include BALL seat extended lugs so you can keep your stance over winter or if you just need to space out stock wheels or any ball seat wheel. Located in Lancaster, PA...
  3. Volkswagen Passat Early B Platforms Discussion
    Looking to drop the front of my car about an inch, hoping someone has an extra pair.
  4. Parts For Sale
    Pair of W8/GLX Homelink visors in light grey, excellent cosmetic condition, as new working condition. All hardware included. Shipping to USPS postal address included. Sent from App
    It’s been a while since our last free part giveaway... Did you miss our weekly draws? Just in time for the Groundhog Day, we’re raffling off a pair of THULE® - CL-10 Tire Chains so that you can be fully prepped to winter’s final scheme against the drivers. To enter, follow us on Google+ and...
  6. Parts For Sale
    SOLD First $8 or an engine cover (VW) badge takes them. Actual photo:
  7. Parts For Sale
    FS: 1 pair of H&R 20mm DR Spacers with stock+20mm extended conic bolts for 5x112/100. In perfect working order. Rust shown is only topical.$100 picked up $115 shipped
  8. Parts For Sale
    FS: 1 pair of 25mm H&R DRA Spacers (bolt on) for 5x112 application Perfect working order. Two bolts are in rough shape and may need to be replaced. Replacements may be found on ECStuning and directly from H&R for a few bucks. $100 picked up $115 shipped
  9. Parts For Sale
    I have 20 cone seat bolts for use with 5 mm spacers, brand new for $25 delivered. And another 20 pcs 28 mm bolts also brand new that I just found in my drawer, damn it. I didn't even know they were there :lol: Also $25 delivered. Spacers are sold.
  10. Parts For Sale
    Needed to replace a couple random Mercedes ML rubber mats that were thrown in haphazardly with the 04 I picked up recently for my mother-in-law. Used is fine, just need something clean and servicable with little to no heel wear.
  11. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I know this isn't the WTB section, but honestly - does anyone ever look there? The classifieds had nothing too, so here it is. I am helping a neighbor (very underfunded) to fix his Passat following a timing belt break. While we can rebuild his heads no problem, I was wondering if someone might...
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've got the Eibach pro kit (from the VW catalogue back in the day, 1.25" drop) and I am wondering which shocks to get for the rear of my '99 1.8T wagon. I'm thinking ST sports but open to other options at this point. I'm looking for comfort over performance, the springs are just for looks. I...
  13. Parts For Sale
    Got some new, better-looking ones, so away they go. They're in great shape, no scratches or cracks, but they could stand to make a date with some 3M lens restorer. $50 and shipping takes them. If you want, you can take one and not both. With or without bulbs. Totally unmodified, but they do have...
  14. Misc for Sale
    For sale: Pair of Alpine TypeR 12's 2 ohm DVC in a medium sized sealed box. Left plenty of room in Passat trunk. Stored in home in winter. Almost 2 years old, well taken care of, was hooked up to a 1200 watt mono block amp. Located in Liverpool,NY. Pickup: $225, drive up to 125 miles: $250...
  15. Parts For Sale
    Description: Alloy 5mm spacer for 5x100 and 5x112, fits both, cars with 57.1 centerbore. Hubcentric, not wheelcentric. Comes with stock size Ball Seat lug nuts also from BFI. Package used for roughly 3k miles and in perfect working condition. Asking $40 shipped
  16. Misc for Sale
    Sold the wrangler a while back. Still have these lights which are factory fog lights. I had upgraded them when I had the Jeep. Has the electrical connectors also. $30 shipped
  17. Parts For Sale
    SOLD: Pair of 20mm billet hubcentric spacers with 45mm conical bolts SOLD Pair of 20mm 5x112 billet aluminum hubcentric wheel spacers, with a set of ten 14mm x 1.50 Ball Seat 45mm lug bolts. Spacers could use a cleaning, but are otherwise like new, and ready for you to bolt them on! $80...
1-18 of 129 Results