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  1. clunking noise while turning left on 2018 passat with tech package

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    Hi, I have a Passat 2018 2 months old,1800 miles getting some clunking noise while turning at low speeds. I took it to a dealer they are saying everything is fine fine. If anybody experiences the same issue please let me know how to resolve that...
  2. Gauge package recommendations?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi everyone, 98, 1.8t Automatic I want to install a three-gauge pod on the A pillar. Would it be cheaper if I get a package or buy one by one? The only place i could find is the link below but it fits Jetta. Also, besides the oil pressure and the boost gauge, what would you pick for the third...
  3. RA4 Clutch Flywheel package NEW from ECS

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    RA4 clutch flywheel package $300 plus shipping: BNIB from ECS includes everything ECS includes in kit, save yourself $$$$ and buy this, won't find a new one cheaper This is everything you need to replace...
  4. Lighting Package advantages? differences?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hi Everyone, I recently bought the SE w/Lighting Package. It seemed like a reasonable price since for around $1,200 it included LED headlights, DRL, tail lights, and cornering fog lights. That being said, I've seen very little info about this option. I would love to see a side by side video...
  5. Option Package contents for B7 1.8Tm...S, SE, Sport

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Looking for what's in each option package. -This information isn't in the VW brochure (i.e. broken out by content of each option pkg.) -This information may be at other sites like Edmunds or KBB, but there's so much "ad trash" on those sites, it's hard to discern the content of each pkg. Site...
  6. BRAND NEW bosch red top 30 lb injectors and BRAND NEW bosch 3 bar fpr package deal!

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    for sale is my set of 4 brand new bosch 30 lbs, 315cc red top injectors and included in the sale is a brand new 3 bar bosch fpr. Was going to drop in a pc16 file but decided to go another route. so take these off of my hands asap i am asking $150 shipped. again these are brand new and never used...
  7. Cell Phone Package?

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I have an '07 with Luxury Pkg. The manual says in order to use Bluetooth (phone button on steering wheel) you need to have Cell Phone Pkg. Anyone know what this is? I'm guessing it's a dealer installed option, not a factory option. Thanks
  8. SNOW TIRES - Full sets - New Hampshire pickup or shipped!

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    Figured I'd post up here, I have a collection of mint snow tires. Prices are slightly inflated as this is copy/paste from my craigslist ad, and I expect to be low balled on there. PM me for more info on any of the following 15" (4) 205/60R15 - Dunlop Graspic DS1 - 10/32 - $255 16" (4)...
  9. Blauparts: $30 Off BLAU Vw Shocks + Free Shipping + Free Car Care Package

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    BLAU® Vw Shock and Strut Replacement Kits $30 Off + Free Shipping + Free Car Care Package Everything you need in 1 kit! Improve driving pleasure and upgrade your suspension. BLAU® shocks are specifically engineered and developed for your specific model. Advanced shock design results in...
  10. For Sale: 18" Mercedes E Class AMG Sport Package

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    Hello everyone; As stated in title, I have a set of E Class AMG Sport Package for sale. Wheels are in excellent condition with NO curb rash, NO bends, NO cracks and NO repairs at all. Whels were on my sisters car and these have been in the garage just taking space. Front Part Number: A212...
  11. FS: Brand New in Package Black/Silver VW Valve Stem Caps

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    got rid of the OEM wheels I was going to put them on and have been sitting in my extra parts storage box ever since. no issues whatsoever. these sell new on ECS Tuning for $13. asking $7 plus shipping. please let me know if you have any questions @ [email protected] or 443-834-9281. please...
  12. B7 Passat 2.5L (Sports Package) with H&R Sport Springs

    The Showroom
    Hey All! Just thought I'd put up a few images... Didn't really like the wheel gap around the stock 18's so I had Pfaff Tuning install H&R sport springs. Improved the looks a whole lot...looks like how it should have come out of the factory in the first place! The drop was approx 1.5" in the...
  13. FS: B5 and B5.5 Airbag Package

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    Selling this complete working airbag package. this packag includes driver airbag, passenger airbag, clockspring and the airbag modulle. Asking $250 shipped for everything, PM me.
  14. 2004 Passat W8 Sport Package w/ 6spd

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    Sad to see this girl go, but its time we get something bigger as our family gets bigger( either an 2008+ Tiguan or XC70 its still up in the air) This 2004 W8 with the sport package (larger front brakes and a lower suspension from the factory) has 71,XXX miles. Comes with the 6 speed manual the...
  15. Sirius Radio Package $50

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  16. Newbie w/ 2006 Passat B6 3.6 Luxury Package

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    Just joined the site. I have a 2006 Volkswagen Passat and look forward to exchanging information with others. Jim
  17. 2012 Passat S w/Appearance Package Warranty Question

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hello all... I was lead to believe by my salesman when I leased my new 2012 Passat that it came with a "No Charge Carefree Maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles." I thought this meant oil changes, tire rotations and all other routine maintenance would be covered for almost the entire...
  18. Feeler for B7 2012 Passat HID headlight plug and play package

    Group Buys
    Wondering if we got any B7 passat owners wanting to upgrade their halogen headlights to HID headlights. comes with 6000K color temperature hid capsules If we can get like 5 or more buyers. here are some actual pictures and yes you will need to enable the halogen setting to hid setting with a...
  19. 2007 wagon 2.0 t option package

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    I'm considering buying a used 2007 passat wagon 2.0t from a non vw dealer. They claim it has leather seats but i can't figure out if it has leatherette or not because it doesn't sound like it has the right component mix for either of the common packages on the vehicle. It has leather steering...
  20. 2006 VW Passat 3.6L w/Sport Package 2 and Rear airbags.

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