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    So I finally got around to getting my CEL read. Its P0136 which is for the O2 sensor. The car has a test pipe and I was using a cheap O2 simulator to avoid any codes, did this just finally give out? I am thinking about picking up one of these from the guy 42DD recommends: I just want to make...
  2. B5 Garage
    P0116 & P0136 I got check engine light on. I went to AutoZone and checked the codes. It shows P0116 & P0136. AutoZone guy told need to replace O2 sensor and Temp coolant…If anybody has any idea about this number please let me know. This is 2001 passat 4 cy turbo. I am having little starting...
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    I have a B5 2001 AUG which has been giving me this code every couple of months. Can someone tell me which part number(s) (I know it's the O2 sensor) I need to take care of this issue? And maybe where I could find the info on how to change them?