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  1. Hi. I currently own two passats, and have owned two before them.

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    Cant get enough of em, and the maintenance that goes with em.
  2. Hey everybody! I own an 02 Passat

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    Well hey everyone! I'm from Connecticut and like the title says I own an 02-03 Passat. I honestly don't remember the exact year but gut says 02. It's a manual, never driven anything else. I also like to do as much work on my car as I can but there are some things I haven't tackled yet. I hope...
  3. Mods, I can't get into any of my own threads - If someone has expertise, PLEASE PM ME

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    My threads are unaccessible. Unbelievably bad timing.
  4. window weirdness - door window has mind of it's own

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    So I hop in my car today for that joyous Friday afternoon drive home, and my front passengers side door window was going up and down at will the whole way home. Possessed? Maybe, but not likely. :hmmm: This has never happened to me before. How can this happen all of a sudden? And conveniently...
  5. Do you own a 2003 Passat 1.8T.

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    There is a hose attached to the air box with a bolt sealing it off. See photo. According to a Vw parts diagram the hose (with the bolt in it) should eventually end up attached to the suction pump. But there is already a hose attached to the suction pump. If you own a 2003 Passat 1.8T could you...
  6. Airbag light - my own fault :(

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    Car got broken into, had to replace passenger side front window and clear all the glass out of the door. Anyway in the process re-sitting the glass, I put the keys in but had forgotten to reconnect the door.... so I got the airbag light. I have an OBDII and Torque pro which will normally detect...
  7. TDI emissions scandal - I've always wanted to own one

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    I've always wanted to own a TDI diesel but the price seemed steep and where I live in New England a nice clean used one is rare. Does anyone here think the TDI emissions scandal might result in good deals on them? What are the drawbacks to buying one of the affected cars?
  8. New to Passat World, own a 2008 Komfort

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    USA 2008 Passat won't crank. MFD lights up, EPC light is on, VCDS shows fault code 00778 - Steering Angle Sensor (G85), not sure what to check next.
  9. Hi! I'm TransWarpDrive and I now own a 2014 Wolfsburg TSI

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    Hello everyone! I'm TransWarpDrive, and on Feb. 7 of this year, I traded in my 2005 Passat SEL for a shiny new 2014 Passat Wolfsburg Edition with a 1.8 liter TSI engine. I LOVE this car - it's not only bigger than the '05, it's faster, quieter and handles better than the old one did! I've only...
  10. wanna check out your own OBD-II for virtually nothing?

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    $60, software is free - you pay only for the interface hardware. Former Tesla Intern Releases $60 Full Open Source Car Hacking Kit For The Masses - Forbes
  11. Hi! I'm Jesse. And I own a Passat.

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    I have a 2001 GLX V6 with 4Motion. I need to do some work to it as I have an exhaust leak and now (after an unfortunate run-in with a pothole) need a new oil pan!
  12. How many of us actually own a 6 speed manual W8?

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    ??? :)
  13. Anybody own a First Gen Touareg ?

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    Looking at expanding my "family" and was looking at first gen touaregs. The ones in my price range are 2004-2007 3.2L V6's and and the V8's. I would really like the 3.0L diesel or even the V10 but they are way out of my range. I would like to know about reliability, cost of maintenance and...
  14. dont shoot me but I own a town and country

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    Need some advice please. The van is at 150k and in the last 400 miles it has started to shift gears late. The revs ride up but it does not shift when it used to. I find if I take my foot off the accelerator, then the gear shift happens. Odd behaviour and honestly I don't know where to start -...
  15. :: ECS Tuning :: DIY Change Your Own Brake Fluid - Click Here !!!

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    Click HERE to order or for more information. DIY Change Your Own Brake Fluid - Massive rotors, multiple-piston brakes, and advanced pads are glamorous, eye-catching upgrades to your vehicle. But experienced enthusiasts know that all that stopping power relies on adequately bled brake lines...
  16. Has anyone don there own suspension control arm link. Advice please.

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    About to do these this week as well as the axels as the cv joints are shot. Any advice? I have been hosing the 14 year old bolts down with PB Blaster everyday for a week. I figure I'll prob have to heat most the bolts up with a propane torch. I bought this kit from ECS TUNING. Volkswagen...
  17. I have been try to address this issue on my own but...

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    I have been try to address this issue on my own but...I have run into a wall that I don't really want to climb on my own. I have been reading posts on these forums for a couple of weeks now and watching YouTube videos as well to guide me through fixing my issues. To begin with I drive a 2005...
  18. First time to own a VW

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    Hello, I just purchased a 2014 Passat Sport. I absolutely love the car so far. Look forward to the info from this site.
  19. I do not like to smell my own farts 2.0

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    Hey guys, I thought id toss up another project im starting with my dad i thought i would post up another mini build thread deal. the car that is going under the wrench now is my dads 1965 Chevy nova. we took out the E30 and all of its parts so we can make room for the nova. we will be...
  20. Should I do my own half-shaft job?

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    I've noticed a bit of a rhythmic clicking/clunking (most noticeable when going straight and slow, oddly enough) and I believe it to be my CV joint, since the boot is busted. My question is, should I do this myself, or take it to the indy? My experience goes about as far as doing my brakes, and...