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    For Sale VW Rims and Tires Wheel name: VW Classix Quantity: 4 Rims, 4 Tires, 4 Center caps Original application:OEM from 2006 VW JETTA GLI Wheel Spec: 17" x 7" Wheel lug pattern: 5x112 Wheel offset: 54et Center bore: 57.1mm Weight: 23lbs Brand: Ronal (made in Germany) Tire Size: 205/40/17...
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    5 wheels for $250 with used tires. What does Et 48 stand for? Will these fit a 2000 GLS Wagon? tires are 225/55/17 55 too fat? thanks
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    I have an opportunity to buy a nice set of 17 inch VW wheels and tires from a 2005 Passat. I would like to put them on my 99 Wagon. The tires are 215/50/17's. I was expecting that they would have been 224/45/17's....Will there be any problems with running this size on the Passat even though...
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    Like the title says...I've been searching and just need a little reassurance. I have fk. Springs 60/40. I don't want to rub. I've red that 225/45 shouldn't rub unless your slammed. Not sure if 2.5 in drop is considered slammed. Should I get 215/45s to be safe or stick with 225s? Going on...
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    I currently have the stock 15's and since I need new tires, I want to upgrade to 17's, preferably a factory VW/Audi wheel. I'm looking for a nice used wheel/tire package to keep the costs down. I'm finding alot of 17" rims with 235/45/17's. I know the correct size for a 17" would be a...
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    I need 2 with at least 5/32 tread. Preferrably all seasons. Show me what you got.
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    Two new 235/45/17 97 H Michelin Pilot HX MXM4. Taken off of 2 never used spares. $250 plus shipping.
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    17" OEM BBS Madras Wheels Sold
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    Hi all! I have a set of the A4 17" 5 spoke wheels (et45) and considering 235/45/17 all around on my 99' B5 Variant. I will be also be adding sport springs and new shocks next month (springs are High Tec from ECS, 1.3,1.5 drop). Will there be any rubbing or fitment issues on this size tire...
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    I bought this wheel from my cousin over a year ago and intended to buy 3 other ones like it and wobble bolts. I'm just going to go with a different wheel now. The tire is almost to the wear bar but has life left in it. the tire isn't dry rotted or anything and hold air just find. It been in my...
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    Sold!!!! OEM "Take Offs" from a 2011 Volkswagen CC Sport 17" wheels & tires & TPMS "Phoenix" wheel 5x112 17x8" 41 offset 235/45/17 Continental ContiProContact tires New take offs! Car has ~500 miles on it....just bought it, so everything is brand new & in mint condition. Since it's a...
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    Have 2 of them off my A4 sports (front 2 were shot from negative camber:lol:). ~80% tread remaining. Moving to 18" wheels, not longer need these tires. $150obo for both. Come n' get em! Kev
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    I have a free set of 235/50/17 of tires I would like to mount to my Audi Avus rims 7.5 wide and offset 45. I want to run them on my 2000 fwd v6 B5. I know they wider and taller than what is ideal. I am not lowered at this point and am willing to roll the fenders if necessary. Anybody have any...
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    I'm selling 2 fatty tires that have about 60% tread left. I'm selling them for 35 bucks FIRM picked up or + shipping. Shoot me a text and I'll send you some pics of them. Call or text 805-624-0261 thanks!
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    up for sale is 3 continental contiextremecontact tires purchased december 2009. these tires are off my mom's mazda6 wagon. A christmas gift gone wrong, she never liked the "rough" ride of the 40 series, so when one got a sidewall rip, she bought 4 new tires with thicker sidewalls. these tires...
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    FS/FT: 205/55/16 Continental tires I have a bunch of tires I need to get rid of. Here's the list... 2 205/55/16 ContiProContacts 2 205/55/16 ContiTouringContacts All have about 35% tread left, give or take. I would take $75 obo for each set or I would be interested in trading them plus cash...
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    Anyone have any BFG, Mich or Kumho's? My 2 235 mismatched tires in the rear need to be swapped out. Wanted to see if anyone around here had some gathering dust. :thumbup:
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    Long story short. The wife's tires on the A4 have deep cracks in the sidewalls and are horribly worn. Plus I picked up a bolt in one.....trashed. Swapped my A6 wheels with 225/45/17 tires to the A4 until I get the money together for a nice new set of 235's for her. Well, I need a spare 225...