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  2. Parts For Sale
    FS: 18" OMANYT Rims $1K OBO NEW PRICE: $750 -Slight curb rash on the rims (not bad for 2008 set :thumbup:) -18 x 7.5 ET 51 -All 4 wheel caps with VW logo -16 bolts, 4 security bolts, and lug key -4 OEM VW Valve Stem Caps -FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING VIA UPS -Perfect for the 'stock' look -More Pics...
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    I just recently bought these wheels to put on my 2002 Passat and being a weekend I managed to install them today. Everything went smooth and the wheels fitted perfectly by using the stock bolts. Here is some info on the wheels: Rim Manufacturer: Speedline Rim Width: 7.5J Rim Structure: One...
  4. Wheel and Tire Forum
    New wheel that is available through VW Individual, it is called 'Omanyt'. This wheel and the Helios wheel are ordered through VW Individual, both are 19" wheels. Where is VW individual?
1-4 of 5 Results