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  1. Wiring two 4 ohm dvc subs to amp

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Didn't know where else to ask that would get seen quickly. Im in pursuit of a good sounding stereo system. I just upgraded the head unit. Now im adding two subs under the rear deck in an infinite baffle set up. I haven't wired subs in ages and when i did it was not dvc. I have 2 amps. One...
  2. Whats wrong with my replacement 2 ohm rear door speaker??

    Mobile Electronics
    Its a vibrating sound that you would almost mistake for a cracked cone, but its not. I replaced the OEM with a Kicker 10CVT652 (2 ohm) and I held it in my hand so I know its not a mating surface issue. The rest of the system is still Monsoon stock. I think it has been two summers since I...
  3. TWB 2 OHM. Monsoon speaker

    WTB/WTT Section
    Really need a 2ohm speaker, black rubberized not blue cloth speaker. let me know.
  4. 4ohm vs 2 ohm help.

    Mobile Electronics
    I bought this and this Infinity Reference 1062W (REF1062W) 10" Dual 4 ohm Subwoofer Kenwood KAC-8105D (kac8105d) 1000W Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier It is going in a box that is sealed and has .75 cu It is for the Jeep Cherokee I bought so it has a lot of open air inside the vehicle. Should...
  5. Monsoon System & 2 OHM Speakers

    Mobile Electronics
    hello everyone, I have an 03 passat glx with the monsoon system and I'm going to put a component system in the front and coaxials in the back. I'm leaning towards the infinity 609cs Kappa series, but these speakers are 2OHMs and I was wondering if the Monsoon amp ca handle that low of impedance...
  6. what's the difference beween 2 ohm & 4 ohm?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have an alpine type r 4 ohm. friend of mine has a 2 ohm. we have diff. amps & cars etc. hard to tell the difference. anyone have any helpful data?
  7. 2 ohm Amp-4ohm Sub

    Mobile Electronics
    I ordered a 2 ohm sub (JLW3) and I picked it up from the shop not looking at the box and when I got home to start putting it into the box I realized I was holding a 4 ohm sub. Now my question is will this 4 ohm sub work with my 2 ohm amp? This is a mono channel so I can't do any wiring to make...
  8. 4 ohm speakers OK for NON-Monsoon system??

    Mobile Electronics
    I just picked up a new Alpine head unit, and I think my rear speakers are blown. Thanks. :)
  9. ohm ratings in passat w8?

    Mobile Electronics
    i've read that the ohm rating in the front speakers are diff than the rear. is this true? if so which is which and what is what?
  10. Speaker question- 4 Ohm vs. 2 Ohm

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    One of my fronts speakers blew so I bought a set of Monsoon speakers on ebay. The only thing is that two were 4 ohm and two were 2 ohm. On the car, all four are 4 ohm. I think the "new" speakers came from a GTI. Why are two 2 ohm. Don't GTIs have rear tweeters? Will these be okay to use...
  11. N75 H valve measured 330 Ohm, is this normal?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I just got a N75H valve and it measured 330 Ohm, the stock C valve and the N75J both measure ~30 Ohm. What should the H valve read? I connected the H valve to the harness and no CEL came up, disconnecting the harness immediately threw a CEL. Thanks, Arjen
  12. What amp should I get for my solo baric 12" L7's with different ohm rating?

    Mobile Electronics
    Ok, I finally got my components installed today, got a set of focal K2 in the front doors (I'm getting another set for the back doors later) and I got a kicker kx 650.4 to drive the components. I have two kicker solo baric l7's the only thing is that I bought one of a friend and the other one I...
  13. N75 Ohm test range 25-35?

    B5 Garage
    99 aeb giac w/no turbo power. Have to really flog it to get up a small incline. Pulled these codes 16806 (o2 sensor), 16518 (bad cat?), and 17965 (overboost). For the 17965, someone mentioned testing the n75 valve, and I got 34.5 Ohms (engine off). It is at the top end of the scale (25-35 Ohms)...
  14. Subwoofer wiring and Ohm loads!?!

    Mobile Electronics
    So the question is, If I wire my 4ohm subs so that each positive and negative are together then I get a 2ohm load to the amp what is the advantage of wiring them so that the + of one goes to the - of the other and then only one positive and negative go to the amp creating a 8ohm load. Is one...
  15. Advantages of higher ohm speakers?

    Mobile Electronics
    Are there any advantages of a speaker with higher impedance, other than more support from lower end amps? It seems to me the more juice you have to pump through something the more "solid" it will sound, as in puncier bass when compared with a lower impedance system at the same volume Also Im...
  16. Few ohm and other questions :) (basic)

    Mobile Electronics
    Well: -Whats the difference b/t 1,2, and 4 ohm wiring -How do you you wire up 1,2 and 4 ohm setup (a diagram would be great!) -Im gonna be getting a Kicker L7 12" sub, what would be the best way to wire it up? -And what would be a good amp to power an L7. . . :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow...