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  1. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I've had my 2000 2.8 5spd sedan for 10 years, and I got a second Passat recently from a friend who owed me money, 2003 2.8 4motion Wagon. My original B5 came with neuspeed sofsport springs and Bilstein HD, and I believe it was 2" lower than stock. I had a set of Alzor 640s in a 17x7 ET45 and...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I am looking into buying a new set of rims for my 02 b5.5. The rims I have now are warped. Thanks Craigslist. Anyways I was looking at a 38mm offset. Same what I have now. The big question is what is the backspace for. I see a 48 mm offset with a 5.9 backspace or a 38mm offset with a 5.5...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    If I understand correctly, the B5 has an et45 and the B5.5 a et37? I am about to purchase a used set of A8L 19" twelve spokes for my B5.5. To recap, they are OEM 19x8.5 et45 and will go with 235/35/19 on them. I have read where others with a B5 said that they didn't have any rubbing issues...
  4. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'm looking at getting a set of 5x112 18" x 8.5" with 235/45(I think, might be 40)/18's on them. They are aftermarket wheels that were on a 2011 Passat. The total diameter of the outside of the rubber is about 1.5" more than the stock wheels. It looks like they will clear the spindle height...
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi, New here, we bought a used B6 Passat. Needs new tires, and wheels are now 16's, and frankly road "rashed" to death. Previous owner exercised Braille parking maneuvers. Going to get new 17's. Offset on new wheels is 38. This should be no issue, right? eBay seller isn't certain they...
  6. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey guys I know the 16 inch Jetta wheels offset is +54 and my wagons got +37 on 15s, is it only going to be a cosmetic difference or will it rub/hit any of my suspension?? My B5.5 is sitting stock height and one of my wheels got stolen and I am looking for a cheap replacement wheelset since i...
  7. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Just wondering if anyone has had a similar occurrence, or perhaps I'm just imagining things.. My '04 4-motion variant has the stock 15" Michigans w/ a 37m offset for it's winter tires, and I had a set of oe 17" Huffs for it's summer shoes w/ a 54mm offset, and seemingly never needed spacers for...
  8. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Looking to get some diamond racing steelies for my v6 b5 sedan. Sitting on adjustable coilovers. Looking to be flush/maybe a little poke. What size wheel & tire should I get to accomplish the "stanced" look. (currently sitting on shitty stock alloys). Thanks guys!
  9. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Got a set of 17x7 with 42mm offset. Will threy be fine without spacers with a 225 45 17?
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi everyone, I am looking to get some rims for my Passat from an '09 Passat. I know that the regular offset is 45mm and my rims are 15" x 7" with P195 65 R15 tires. Now the rims I am looking to get are 47mm offset 17" x 7.5" with P235 45 R17 tires. My question is will they still fit right...
  11. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Anyone tried anything in this arena? I always run premium but my non-VW mechanic says it'll make the water mix better w the gas and burn off without staying in the tank. Any thoughts? I'm sure VW does not recommend additives but also may not have taken today's Ethanol usage into account. Thanks
  12. B5 Garage
    Ok guys im rocking a B5 which I got for 2k even and im into the negative camber and have yet to see very many B5s with some crazy camber and was wondering if u guys know something that I dont
  13. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hey guys im looking at ordering some bbs lm reps and im trying to find out would be perfectly flush for me with no spacers. im going to have 8.5 in the front and 9.5 in the back. im pretty sure +35 for the back is perfect but i have no idea about the front. what do you guys think?
  14. Wheel and Tire Forum
    i am thinking of switching my oem "Wellingtons"(B5.5)(15"x7" et 37) for oem "Catalunya"(from B6)(16"x7" et 45) i am on stock suspension and i would like to know if the back spacing will be a problem with the higher offset. anyone shed some light if the new wheels will clear?
  15. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I hate to just post a "will these fit" question - but I searched all over and didn't find an answer. These are new takeoff Audi s5 wheels and tires. I like 'em and price is right. Car is not lowered - bone stock. Thanks in advance.
  16. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Would HP Evo 18x9 et42 wheels fit on the rear of my 2006?
  17. Wheel and Tire Forum
    I have a 1999 Passat and planning to purchase a set of 18 inch rims. I found hub rings which go from 66.1 to 57.1 which should convert the hub size. The rims are 18x8 with a 45mm offset. I would love to see a picture of someone's car with a set of 18x8 45mm offset.
  18. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So I'm looking to buy 17x7 et54 wheels with 225/45R17. My current wheels are 15x7 et45 wheels with 195/45R15. My question is will they fit with or without spacers?
  19. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Whats up people... heres the set up.. wheels and tires: front 18x8 45mm w/ 235-40-18 rear 18x8.5 49mm w/ 255-35-18 Any would think these would be an issue, tucking in to much in the rear? possible rubbing? would I need a spacer in the rear?
  20. Wheel and Tire Forum
    Found a set of 16" rims with 205 55 16 tires, with a 50 offset. Does anyone know if the 50 offset is to much over OEM? I know the bolt pattern and size are fine, just the 50 offset worries me. Thanks. Car is a 2004 passat sedan. 1.8t.
1-20 of 275 Results